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Caravan Towing Mirrors – Advice Needed

  • Kelvin Martin
    Kelvin Martin
    Kelvin Martin on

    Hi All,

    I’m new to Caravaning, as well as this Forum and I need advice from experienced Caravaners please.

    I’m shopping around for Caravan Mirrors to fit on my Ford Ranger. I’m towing a Jurgens Penta and I definitely don’t have a clear view of the rear-end of the caravan, nor the traffic behind me. This also creates issues with reverse parking.

    Any advice on which brands of Caravan Mirrors offer the best viewing angle, secure fit and do not vibrate excessively please?

    Thanks in advance!

    Petrus Struwig
    Petrus Struwig
    Petrus Struwig on

    My suggestion is that you visit a caravan centre to get up to date advice. I am going to visit a caravan centre myself because I am not satisfied with my towing mirrors.

    Wessel Nel
    Wessel Nel
    Wessel Nel on

    There were previous posts on the subject by Expo Camper, can he please respond, I am also doing homework on the subject and it seems that wired systems are preferred?

    Erik Groothuijzen
    egroot on

    I had a similar experience with a clip on mirror on a Mercedes Vito towing a Regal. I found a wireless camera which I mounted in the rear window of the caravan and laid on a 12V supply. The camera comes with a link to download software to use your smart phone as a monitor. Picture quality is fair and at least you have a good idea of what is going on behind the caravan which you cannot always see with a mirror. I originally tried a hard wired camera with power supply from the caravan lights, as I always travel with my lights on. Two trips later it gave the ghost, hence the wireless option. Has been working fine for the last four trips or so. Not expensive and works really well. I suppose paying more should improve picture quality, but I just needed to test it first.

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