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Caravan storage support

  • jwesthuizen
    jwesthuizen on

    It is fairly common knowledge amongst campers that it is bad for tyres to stand under load in the same spot for an extended period of time. Having your caravan bouncing along on flat spots is truly no fun. The solution is to transfer the load from the tyres to sturdy supports during periods of storage.

    There are various ways to do this. You can build a stack of bricks under the caravan’s axle, or you can use paint cans filled with concrete or maybe some stumps cut from a tree trunk. You could also splurge a fair sum on a pair of prefabricated adjustable trestles. All of these would get the job done.

    But, if you can handle a hacksaw and a hammer, you could easily build a neat set of supports in about an hour without breaking the bank… or your back! All you need is a length of square tubing and a few plastic inserts from Connect-It.

    Decide on the height that you need to lift the wheels. Measure and cut the steel sections, and hammer in the Connect-It fittings. No welding or screwing is necessary.

    And, as a bonus, the supports can easily be dismantled if need be. A good idea would be to make one support slightly larger than the other so that you can fit one inside the other, and so save 50% on storage space! These supports are lightweight, easy to handle and place in position, and they can be painted in your favourite colour.

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