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Caravan Power Conversion – Our Way

  • Simon Tasman
    Simon Tasman on

    There’s a few new members with our little group, thanks to Internet communications, and there’s possibly a few other interested guys out there that are thinking of going LiFEPO4.

    This is a rough sketch of the path we’re following, with individuals choosing their own favourite brands for the generic components. Other than the CP devices (WaterWatch and DrainWall) everything is generally available.

    Simon Tasman
    Simon Tasman on

    For the guys that though my first sketch was short of detail:

    Fyko van der Molen
    Fyko van der Molen on

    I’d be interested to hear which chargers your various participants are using.

    I see 3 modes of operation here:

    Mode 1.

    • The mains power is permanently connected,
    • The loads are driven from the 30A DC supply,
    • The battery is isolated once fully charged.
    • The solar panel(s) do nothing.

    Mode 2.

    • Mains power is switched off,
    • The loads are driven from the battery,
    • The solar panes attempt to replenish the battery,
    • If and when the battery is discharged the mains are switched on long enough to recharge the battery.
    • During this time the 30A supply drives the loads,
    • The solar panels assist as far as voltages allow.

    Mode 3

    • There is no mains supply available,
    • The loads are driven by the battery,
    • The loads must be limited to the capacity of the solar panels per 24 hour cycle,
    • If the battery is discharged and no second battery is available the loads will lose power.


    It is difficult to read the detail on the sketch in your post. If you include it as an attachment then it can be enlarged by the viewer.

    We are now making, on request only, housings containing everything inside the rectangle on your sketch.

    Simon Tasman
    Simon Tasman on

    The jury’s still out on the charger question. There’s lots to choose from, but none of them quite right.

    We want a constant current phase delivering 30 – 50A, and a constant voltage phase to 0,05C.

    And none of the baggage brought over from SLA like de-sulphating, float charging and high-flown mumbo-jumbo like Peukert’s Equations.

    The sketch is attached

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