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    Best Caravan Mover for a Skipper Oyster LTX. Can anybody chip in with advice on this topic please?

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    Drikus on

    No doubt, go for Ewiks. Great local design and support. Good value for money and easy to handle. You should esily find an installer close to you.

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    Geert De Jong
    Geert De Jong on

    Meeste van die movers op die mark vandag is van hoë gehalte. Ek wou 3 weke terug besigheid gedoen het met n maatskappy wat invoer….geen voorraad en geen tyd wanneer hul wel kan help nie weens covid 19…..dieselfde met backup. Dit het my besluit om maar lokaal te kies….Ewiks

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    Pierre Lieb
    Pierre Lieb on

    Go for the Ewiks as movers can be cost saving as well as it is cheaper than a back operation.

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    Chris Reed
    Chris Reed on

    Hi all, I have had my Ewiks mover for nearly 10 years now, and am very happy with it.  A couple of my friends have bought as a result of seeing mine, and are also happy with theirs.  Both chaps managed quite easily to fit theirs themselves, and found it easy to do.  I would strongly recommend the Ewiks mover.  One chap has to reverse his van ( a Penta) up a short but quite steep driveway, and manages easily.

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    JDT on

    We had an Ewiks mover fitted to our 1994 Super sport some years ago.In my haste to go on holiday, when we were new to the installation, I attempted to take off without remembering to disconnect the movers. Needless to say, the movers were completely jammed and would not disengage. In desperation I phoned the MD,Erik Warburg early that Sunday morning in Durban for advice. He told me what to do and offered to have a technician come from Durban to Scottburgh where I was going on holiday, to getting everything sorted.
    Since then, I have been very happy with the movers without any problems and I am content to know that the MD of the company is supportive should I ever need him.

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    Gustav Engelbrecht
    Gustav Engelbrecht on

    I have 4 movers on my Exclusive, absolute a must for 4 wheels and an dream to park where you want to.

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    Brian Hibberd
    Brian Hibberd on

    Greetings Kampmallid,

    I would be interested to know where  you want to use the mover for your Skipper Oyster ? is it for use at home ?, at the camp site or both ? ( I am also an Oyster owner )

    Stay safe



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    Peter Walker
    Peter Walker on

    Hi All.

    Just out of interest sake. What would the next best mover be?  The problem is at +-R15000 for an Ewiks mover,  that is my and I think a lot of other campers holiday budget gone for about 2-3 years to recoup the costs. I have seen other cheaper models, so I was wondering if they are worth anything.

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    Paul Rae
    Paul Rae on

    You could look for “Old Man Africa” on Facebook.  He does an electric jockey wheel (forward/reverse/autobrake) for use on firm surfaces on gradients up to 5 degrees for about R7500.

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    Reinhard Hettasch
    Reinhard Hettasch on

    When we had a Skipper LTX  Ewiks were not interested to adapt their plates to be able to fit their movers. In my opinion Ewik movers are quite noisy – heard them at a camping area in August.

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    Fyko on

    As a maker of aftermarket remote control systems by mobile phone to, amongst others, ewiks caravan movers, I can tell you that I’ve never come across an unhappy ewiks client. Having said that, you should be aware of the practical limitations of moving an object that weighs more than a metric ton, with two small electric motors.

    I have ewiks movers fitted to my (very heavy) Jurgens Classique and, living by the sea, need to take them down from time to time for corrosion protection. Taking the motor assemblies off the cross beam is quick and easy without even needing to jack the caravan up, although access to the electric terminals is easier if you can get underneath a little further. I always admire the simple but foolproof engagement mechanism, as well as the general efficiency if Erik Warburg’s engineering design.

    Being a compulsive meddler I can’t resist taking the units apart, particularly the reduction gear, to see how things are holding up. I don’t suggest you ever take the motors apart because the brushes act axially instead of radially, and you’ll need to make a special tool to contain them when you want to reassemble the motor. Also there’s nothing to see inside the motor – the brushes will outlast everything else, the back bush is lubed for life and all joints are waterproofed.

    Looking at the planetary reduction gear however you can see that this is the Achilles heel of the system and why you should treat these devices with a bit of consideration. This is the source of the much-commented noise and also where it is most vulnerable. If I remember correctly the reduction ratio is 200:1, which means the output torque is very high on the final drive. Proper lubrication of the drive gears is super-important and the ingress of any water will play havoc with the grease.

    I haven’t measured the efficiency of this drive train, but from the figures published by electric winch manufacturers, who employ a similar planetary reduction gear, it could be as low as 30% – it is definitely below 50% because you cannot turn the motors by twisting the drum. So the half-horsepower input becomes less than a quarter-horsepower output. Yes, there are more powerful systems out there but they cost a whole lot more, need huge batteries to drive them, and mega-Amp cables and switchgear. Life is full of compromises.

    With this in mind you should treat your ewiks movers like a limited-life resource – similar to your car but more so. There are only so many kilometers of travel in those gearboxes and you should use them sparingly. Where convenient, move your caravan with your car and save the movers for where they’re really needed. Clear a path for the caravan wheels rather than test let the movers climb over the rock. If you’ve immersed the axle in water for any amount of time take the movers down, remove the drum from the output of the gearbox and check the state of the grease in the drive train. You don’t need to strip the entire unit, just flush it out and pump it full of grease. The gearbox is where you need to focus your attention.

    I’ve never come across an unhappy ewiks client, but I have heard a few muttering on this forum as well as others. My advice is: treat your very hard-working movers with some respect and they will repay you with long service. Be aware that they are (necessarily) small units that work at their design limits most of the time, not just occasionally.

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    Erold Davidson
    Erold Davidson on

    Good morning campers.
    I had an Ewiks fitted a week ago by a very professional man. Fitment was a breeze and his knowledge amazing. With the demonstration i was amazed tht over cobble paving a pan handle and up-gradient driveway the Ewiks move our Palma with ease.
    Great investment. Just makes it pleasant to move in and out of places. The noise to me is perfect as the dogs move away without having to send them away. All in all a great product.

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    Buck Hewie
    Buck Hewie on

    Hi Mr Paul Rae. Do you know of any of our fellow caravaners that have obtained a mover from Old Man Movers? I phoned re this AD & requested his address, which is apparently in Hillcrest Natal, in order to view the mover & see how it functions before placing the order & upfront payment.  Have never received a reply from him! Just concerned as to whether this is authentic.

    Thank you for all the info

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    Simon Tasman
    Simon Tasman on

    My used Classique came with Ewiks mover already fitted, which means they’re at least 8 years old, and they still work fine. I do pretty good maintenance and keep the planetary drives filled with white grease. The seals on the motor bodies are very good but I keep a watch on the O-ring between the drum and the transmission box, because that’s where it’s most likely to leak.

    I’ve got the mobile app and remote control fitted with current monitor/limiters so I can see what sort of current the motors are pulling. As long as I stop the jockey wheel from plowing and I keep the larger obstacles out of the path of the wheels the motors don’t draw more than 25 Amps. As soon as it goes over that I know the motors are going to take strain so I reduce the load in some way. At 30 Amps the motors uncouple but I don’t like to push them that hard.

    Used properly these units will last a long time, but I can see how they can be quickly damaged if abused.

    The latest version of the App has a button that says Inch Mode but doesn’t seem to do anything. Anybody know what it’s for?


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    Fyko on

    Hi Simon,

    Some time ago someone on one of these forums raised the concern that if you ran your caravan really close to something expensive, and then held a button on your mobile down a bit too long the caravan could jump forward and do some damage.

    As  a remedy to this I added the Inch Mode feature which, when invoked, pulses the motor only once, and only long enough to turn the drum 1/8 of a turn or 45 degrees, which translates into 30mm of movement under no load, and something less when driving a wheel.

    The thinking here is that if you drive your caravan within 30mm of your Ferrari and then still go closer under power you probably have good insurance cover.

    To upgrade older controllers requires a firmware update which I will do gratis and with pleasure, if you can get the unit back to me. If you send it by PostNet on Monday you’ll very likely have it back by the end of the same week.

    Then that feature will work and your wife’s Porche will sleep much more soundly.

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