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Bad Camping Habits

  • BuchananP
    BuchananP on

    We were at Satara in the Kruger Park when we noticed some campers putting their stuff on the site next to their already-set-up camp and then going out for the day.

    Later that day, when they returned, they moved their stuff back and parked their bakkie on the site. They clearly didn’t want anybody next to them.

    We watched this happen for three days. I don’t know how long this carried on, as we had to leave. However, these were the sought-after sites on the fence line; campers really want to be on the fence.

    We spoke to a couple who’d pulled in next to us about their view on this. They were camped further back and had indeed been waiting for a site on the fence. They, too, had been watching these selfish campers.

    I think people like these are a disgrace to other campers. I have decided that when I arrive at a camp and find stuff put on a site, I am going to move it and set up camp.

    I hope that, if you publish this article, these campers will see it and realise what terrible campers they are. They should be ashamed of their camping habits.

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