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At last, an exiting caravan market!

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    Gone are those days when all caravans on the South African Market looked alike – only in different colors! Thanks to a few imports to shake our foundations, like the Fendt’s and Dehtleff’s. An how innovative have our guys become – Conqueror with their rugged jewel and now Sensation with the Vee – we could only see a glimpse of it so far (thanks!).

    What a sensation is the Vee! A glamorous, fresh design… with the kitchen in the wind and weather! What are they thinking? Our market is flooded with pull-outs, pull-ups, slide-ins, slide outs, pitch-ups, erections, etc. Not so? Come on Sensation, give us – the other cut of the market – a model with an inside kitchen. Please just install an extractor hood above the kitchen, like in the grand imports. I agree, to go to bed with the odours of your stew in stead of the perfume of your sweet wife is not on – so, the hood please!

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