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All smiles for Suzuki!

  • HannesV
    HannesV on

    Thanks for a great magazine. I have been reading every issue since 2010, without missing one.

    I really enjoyed the January 2017 issue with the Suzuki Grand Vitara, as I bought one last year to tow my 2007 Sprite Swing. I was retrenched during 2016, and had lost the privilege of using a company vehicle (Toyota Hilux SC and DC) to tow. I was lucky enough to be employed again immediately, but we had to make a few changes.

    We have been part of the Suzuki family since 2012, when we bought a Jimny. Fantastic car… but then we had grandchildren. The first one was born in 2014, and we found that the Jimny was too small, as Ouma could not get the baby into a car seat, so we traded it for a Suzuki Swift. Fantastic car, light on fuel, and with all the bells and whistles you want.

    Then, in 2016, I was again retrenched, and again we had no tow vehicle. The first thing the wife said was, ‘Don’t touch the caravan… rather sell my car!’

    My first choice was a Toyota Fortuner, but it didn’t fit into the garage. The second was a Grand Vitara.

    My neighbour found me a second-hand one, a 2013 model Dune with 33 000km on the clock. I wanted an auto model, but this one was in a good condition, and we made the deal.

    The first trip with “Suzi” was to Waterberg Resort in Bela Bela. The first 10km was a disaster! I was used to towing with a Diesel bakkie, and this thing just did not do it for me… until I reached the highway. What a pleasure − enough power to tow in 5th all the way, with incredible space. (We even carried a treadmill from Pretoria to Polokwane.) In December, we towed to Drie Berge in Brits. What a pleasure.

    However, the only drawback of this vehicle is its fuel consumption. When towing to Brits, the average was 7.5km/l. When driving in town, I get 9.8km/l, and my wife gets 8.3km/l − because she loves the “powerful” engine. Still, it is a fantastic vehicle! And it is a 4X4 as well!

    A happy and prosperous 2017 to all of you and your readers.

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