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AL-KO Rubber axle problems

  • Fyko van der Molen
    Fyko van der Molen on

    This is my Jurgens Xplorer tyre after 20,000km from the right-hand side. The left side is fine insofar as the tyre wear is even.
    I measured the wheel angles with some accuracy. Both wheels have a negative camber (slope inwards towards the top) of about 0.8- 0.9 degrees. The wheels have a toe-out with respect to each other of 0.26 degrees.
    This is the second axle that I have fitted. The previous one suffered continuous wheel bearing failures on the right-side wheel. (As in a failure every 8,000km). The old axle had the smaller bearings fitted – 32004/32006 whereas the new axle has larger bearings 32005/32007 as well as a longer stub-axle and a nose on the hub that places the bearings further apart. The new axle has suffered only one wheel bearing failure in 20,000km, so at least one thing is getting better.
    I have found the sales service at AL-KO quite efficient but they really aren’t interested in anyone’s technical problems.
    Anyone with any ideas?

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