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Ablution Solution

  • Josef Konrad
    Josef Konrad on

    I see JoJo is advertising a tank level detector system for R4999 that works on their tanks.

    Fyko van der Molen
    Fyko van der Molen on

    Yes, quite expensive for a plug-and-play gadget.

    We’ve been doing this for years now. We can:

    • Measure tank depth to the nearest 30mm,
    • Report this on any phone anywhere in the world, (no app required),
    • Measure the rate of inflow,
    • Measure the rate of outflow,
    • Stop or allow the inflow automatically or manually,
    • Stop or allow the outflow automatically or manually,
    • Read and report the water temperature,
    • Do all this from 5Km or more away,
    • Send an sms text message to any phone anywhere in the world if any critical condition occurs, such as over or underfill,
    • Do this all for a lot less than R4999,
    • Drive the whole thing from solar power.
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