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A fan from Hong Kong

  • MitchMaze
    MitchMaze on

    Hi, Caravan & Outdoor Life. Firstly, I love the magazine; I’m staying in Hong Kong now but have it delivered monthly. Obviously, I love to go camping and ride my Harley when I’m home on holiday, and I often do trips from Cape Town to Durban and back.

    There are lots of options for camping off the beaten track, which I have done with my off-road motorcycle. However, I would love to be able to take an easy cruise up the East Coast to Durban and camp along the way with my Harley and my girlfriend, but neither of these would be happy down a dirt road in a rustic camp.

    So, I wonder if you could possibly do an article on the places that would welcome two-wheel travellers. I know that as soon as you mention MOTORCYCLE to a resort, they picture either a guy on a noisy dirt bike wheeling down the road, or a pack of Hell’s Angels roaring in! I’m here to represent the average responsible Joe that travels by motorcycle and also wants to enjoy the lovely areas of SA.

    Thanks for your time.

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