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5 Seater Campervan

  • Eduard Groenewald
    Eduard Groenewald on

    I have a Ford Transit MWB panelvan which I converted into a campervan. I’ve installed 2 additional seats with seatbelts (certified seats and seatbelts) in the back and a window on the sliding door to use it as a 5-door. However, it is only registered as a 3-seater panel van. I’ve applied to convert it to a campervan (self-propelled caravan) with 5 seats. Normally, this is done to avoid the need to have a license for vehicles over 3500kg – however, the Transit comes in below that weight and can be driven with a normal license. The only reason for the application to relicense as a campervan is to have it registered as a 5-seater.

    I know of few selfbuilds who did this successfully in the Sprinters, which now states “5-seater campervan.” There were no special requirements for them to submit seat certifications or anchorage pull test certifications. However, I have been struggling non-stop to make progress on this. I just received the notice from NRCS that a certificate can be issued for the relicensing to campervan, but they need anchorage pull tests for the additional seats. The seats are bolted through the floor and to the chassis structure of the van. A pull test is not an option as they need to remove front seats, front window and subflloor to do the put test and see if there is any damage to the floor as a result.

    I’m currently using it as a panel van with the additional seats at the back under road traffic regulation 247 (see below extraction) which allows for passengers to be transported in the back of a goods vehicle with conditions which i obvious over comply by far.
    This is not ideal, and I would prefer to have the van registered as a 5-seater.

    Some other advice I received was that if the seats are rear-facing, you don’t need the anchorage certificates. This subject is a grey area, and no one really gives you clear guidance on this subject. So, I want to know if anyone has advise on this matter or if anyone else is doing something similar (use it as a panel van for 5 seats under reg 247) and who else had success in getting the license disk re-registered as a 5-seater or that can advise on the backwards facing seats matter.

    Regulation 247. Circumstances under which persons may be carried on a goods vehicle:
    No person shall operate on a public road a goods vehicle conveying persons unless that portion of the vehicle in which such persons are being conveyed is enclosed to a height of:
    (a) at least 350 millimeters above the surface upon which such person is seated; or
    (b) at least 900 millimeters above the surface on which such person is standing,
    in a manner and with a material of sufficient strength to prevent such person from falling from such vehicle when it is in motion.
    Provided that no person shall be conveyed in the goods compartment together with any tools or goods, except their personal effects, unless that portion in which such persons are being conveyed is separated by means of a partition, from the portion in which such goods are being conveyed.

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