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2017 Jurgens Penta suspension

  • LEON
    LEON on


    Is it possible to raise the suspension height of a 2017 Jurgens Penta? Back end is to low and easily scrapes on speed humps in residential area. I am using a 2005 BMW X3 2.0d as a tow vehicle with a factory fitted towbar.

    Will this modification have any effect on the warranty of the caravan?

    First time caravanner.


    Editor on

    Hi Leon.

    Sorry to say, but you can’t alter the axle height. However, if you are creative you might be able to raise the caravan by placing a spacer between the chassis and the caravan! We have seen this done on an imported Fendt caravan before.
    Speak to an experienced caravan dealer to see if this is possible and what the cost would be.
    And also remember to check with your insurer if they would still cover you after these modifications…

    LEON on

    The Editor

    Thank you for your reply. Will discuss suggestion when I take the caravan for the 6 moths service.

    Thank you



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