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For sale: Jurgens XCape 2016


Pre-owned Jurgens XCape 2016 in excellent condition for sale

Price R210 000

This pre-owned caravan has awning sides and a SnowMaster fridge/freezer.The exterior has the new look with redesigned decals and charcoal chequer-plate elements, with black 15” rims to add to the style appeal. The macho aluminum tread-plate simply screams “bush”, “outdoors” and “off-road”. This caravan is meant for the outdoors and follows the trend of “living outside your van”. The exterior pantry is large with lots of storage.

Jurgens Safari Xcape specifications

GVM: 1400kg
Tare: 1174kg
Payload: 226kg
Overall length: 4670mm
Overall width: 1850mm
Height (roof closed): 2170mm
Height (roof open): 2750mm
Track width: 1513mm

The outside split hatch (on the passenger side) has been moved back to sit over the wheel, and provides more work surface, which now includes drawers and shelves as well as canvas frontage. The size of the hatch has been increased, and where the two-plate stove on the older models took up more than half of the work surface, there is now room for the stove and a wash basin, and you still have space left to work! Moving the hatch back has made room in the front (in the nose) for an outside fridge (now a 60L SnoMaster Fridge/ Freezer) on a slide.

The pop-up roof has also been improved to add more headroom. Instead of just lifting on one side as before, the new model has a traditional pop-top. The XCape also has an outside privacy cubicle with a hot and cold water shower.

As you step into the Xcape, you’ll notice all storage spaces now have removable, canvas zip doors, and that the bed side hatch is bigger.There is no shortage of packing space in the Xcape. Apart from the bed and a small shelf, every conceivable surface inside can be used for storage.

The bed is large and comfortable. The design guys have used a clever sliding section to create an extra-large sleeping area, which is held up on the outside by four support legs. There is an extra canvas awning which sets up over the slide-out section of the bed on the outside, to protect you from the sun and rain.

Standard Features
Nudge bars
Independent swing-arm suspension
Steel stone protection
220V power-pack & amp charging system
External shower hose
Privy cubicle
60L water tank
2 x Jerry cans
Emergency kit
Geyser – 220V or gas

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