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Travel: Flower viewing on the West Coast


When August comes around and you’re lucky enough to be in the Cape, you have to head out to see the flowers. Whether they’re in Namaqualand or just up the West Coast, the multicoloured display this time of the year is simply spectacular. So, when we started getting reports that the flowers were popping up for their “annual show”, we arranged for a quick trip to check it out.

Words Lara Meter

A trip up the West Coast is always a pleasure; but for this travel story, we were going to do it in style. Thanks to the friendly people at Maui Motorhome Rentals, I was heading out in a brand new four-berth Iveco M4BI motorhome. What a beauty! And the perfect ride for a glamping adventure.

I was lucky enough to have three good friends agree to join me, and my co-pilot, Ali Wacher, was on the job straight away: navigating the roads, acting as DJ and making sure that I kept my speeds down while we all got used to our big ride − 6.5m long and 3.56m tall.

Even though I’d basically grown up in 4x4s, this was the first time that I’d had something this big to drive; but, once we’d left the N1 for the R27 (West Coast road) and were out of the city, the driving was easy.

With the open roads, scarce traffic and the anticipation of getting to our first destination, we were soon cruising along happily in our not-so-little home on wheels.

After about 100km, we came to the gate of the West Coast National Park. Here we met the friendliest security guard, who told us exactly where to find the best flowers in the Park – Postberg, where the flowers were out in abundance.


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