First look: Maxmo Campervans


You’ve seen it on the cover of The Great Outdoors Guide 2018, and now finally we got a taste of Maxmo in real life.

The man behind Maxmo, Leon Ras, says: “We are creating a new class of vehicle, something between a RV and SUV… a recreational crossover. Almost all of our parts are imported, and the interior customization is done to international standards.”

Maxmo campervans will come in a range of at least four models, classified in three segments: full-size campers, multi-purpose campers, and mini campers.

Built on a variety of bases including Fiat and Mercedes-Benz, the Maxmo will come in both short and long wheel base, and customers can choose between 2×4, 4×4 and 4-motion models (depending on style and vehicle base).

The full-size Tourer and mini Campy models were on display at the Beeld Holiday Show.

The full-size Tourer comes with awnings on both sides, permanent interior double bed, swivel seats, loads of packing space in cupboards on both sides (next to bed and up near roof).

Leon says the slide-out kitchen unit design, once finished, will be something South Africa has neve seen before.

The Campy, expected to be the most popular of the models, has a Reimo pop-up roof, and inside a fold-away bed, table, sink and cupboards.

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