First Look: Dethleffs 530 FSK

Words and image by Richard Van Ryneveld

Pure Class

I once had the luck of towing an imported German Dethleffs caravan for a couple of thousand kilometres for this magazine. And now I’ve been lucky enough to take a closer look at another Dethleffs caravan. This variant’s full name is Dethleffs Camper 530 FSK, and Dennis Bouwers of Motorhome-World has just imported one from Germany. The moment you see the caravan, you realise it’s not a local make. There is just something ultra-mod about it; the look of a modern super yacht, to my mind. The front and rear are seamlessly rounded, which leads the eye to recessed corner handles and the black trim around the lower part of the caravan.

Approaching the caravan from the front, I noted it had no window at that end. (The reason became apparent when I entered the van for the first time, and is explained later.) As with the exterior, the first impression as you enter this caravan is WOW! Everything appears to be superbly finished. This initial impression is reinforced as you spend more time studying the detail and the layout of the Dethleffs. On entering the van, I spotted two bunk beds on my left, stretching the breadth of the van. The backs of the bunks are curved, hence the lack of a window in front, but there’s a generous skylight over the top bunk and a window at the foot-end of the top bunk, too, which allow plenty of light into the van.

The bunk frames and safety rail are all clad in a fine wood finish, which resembles beech. A neat touch is the privacy curtain on a rail for both the top and bottom bunk. (Dennis and Nikki Bouwers’ six-year-old son, Aaron, made me aware of this feature, when, growing weary of my taking pictures of him, he firmly closed the curtain. ‘Well done, lad,’ I thought at the time.)

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