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Cara-Sure product offers specialist insurance cover for Leisure Vehicles such as caravans, camper trailers and motorhomes.

Motorhomes are perhaps one of the most complicated vehicles to insure in South Africa simply because no trade and retail values exist and the insured must rely on the motorhome manufacturer to offer a value. The good news is that CaraValue is a company that was registered two years ago that addresses this very problem and provides official insurance values of all motorhomes in South Africa, including imported ones.

Motorhomes are normally “low risk” vehicles and the premiums are substantially lower than a standard vehicle, simply because motorhomes are mainly used for leisure and private use.

Another factor that drives premiums down is the average age of the drivers who are often a bit older, more responsible and have many years driving experience under their belts.

A few things to consider when insuring a motorhome is to make sure that it is comprehensively covered, meaning it is covered for accidents, theft, hi-jacking, malicious damage and storm damage. Don’t forget to include third party liability cover.

In addition, roadside and medical assistance on a 24-hour basis is absolutely vital for motorhome owners who might encounter problems on the road. On the Cara-Sure CaraCARE call centre, we receive on average four motorhome emergencies a month; this includes flat tyres, keys locked inside the motorhome and various other problems that crop up.

It must be noted that due to the complexity of the motorhome (chassis vehicle) the locks are very expensive and would generally not be covered. However, the entry to any motorhome is normally through the “body” section or side door. Keys to these access points are covered.

Another important aspect is the insured contents of the motorhome such as camping equipment and accessories, awning, satellite dish, bedding, kitchen accessories, electrical appliances and other items pertaining to camping. Some people like to go on holiday with fishing gear, expensive bicycles, electronic equipment such as cellular phones, computers, cameras and tablets, yet these are not considered camping items and need to be insured under the household contents all risk specific portfolio.

Make sure you service your motorhome on a regular basis and most importantly the outer body for the most common problem, wood rot, which is not covered under any insurance. It could be compared with rust on a vehicle.


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By Ian Lessar

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