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Explore Southern Africa in Style with THRSA: Maui Motorhome & Britz 4×4 Rentals


Since its establishment in 1996, Tourism Holdings Rental SA (THRSA) has been a revered name in the travel industry, boasting multiple divisions including Maui Motorhomes and Britz 4×4 & SUV Rentals. Whether travellers seek luxury on wheels or rugged off-road adventures, THRSA consistently delivers.

Maui Motorhome Rentals: Your Gateway to Luxury Travel

Travellers step into the world of luxury with Maui Motorhome Rentals. Regardless of their travel style – solo, couple, or family – Maui provides a motorhome tailored to their needs. Positioned near major international and domestic airports in Johannesburg and Cape Town, the adventure begins immediately upon arrival. Additionally, Maui Motorhomes extends delivery services to airports including King Shaka International, East London, and Port Elizabeth, ensuring a seamless start to the journey.

Maui Motorhome Rentals are meticulously designed as a home on wheels, equipped with all the comforts of home. From the 80-litre fridge to the 2-plate gas stove and air-cooling system, every detail is crafted with the travellers’ comfort in mind. In addition, with a personal bathroom featuring a hand shower, the Maui Motorhome becomes the perfect companion for a family getaway or a leisurely self-drive safari.

Travellers explore the beauty of South Africa, Lesotho, and Eswatini with Maui Motorhomes, knowing that safety, comfort, and excellent service are always top priorities. In addition, with one-way rentals available to secondary locations within South Africa, Maui Motorhomes ensures maximum convenience for travellers’ journeys.

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Britz 4×4 Rentals: Conquer the Wild

For those seeking adrenaline-fueled adventures, Britz 4×4 Rentals becomes the ultimate partner. Offering a wide range of rugged 4×4 vehicles suitable for solo explorers, adventurous couples, and daring families, Britz 4×4 rentals ensure travellers are equipped for any adventure that comes their way. With branches near major international and domestic airports in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Namibia, and Botswana, accessing the off-road chariot is effortless. Additionally, Britz 4×4 Rentals extends delivery services to airports such as King Shaka International, East London, and Port Elizabeth, providing added convenience for travellers.

Britz overland vehicles are designed to conquer the toughest terrains of Southern Africa, be it even from Livingston to the mesmerising Victoria Falls. Fully equipped with a 40-litre fridge, gas stove with a gas kettle, and comfortable rooftop tents, Britz vehicles are perfect for any off-road adventure. Moreover, with one-way rentals available and the option to travel to Namibia, Britz ensures travellers have the freedom to explore to their heart’s content.

Click on the video below to explore more of Britz 4×4’s rental offering:

Choose Your Adventure with THRSA

Whether dreaming of a relaxing self-drive safari or a thrilling off-road adventure, Maui Motorhome Rentals and Britz 4×4 Rentals from THRSA offer the perfect solutions for adventurers and holidaymakers alike. Prioritising safety, comfort, and excellent service, THRSA invites travellers to embark on an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Southern Africa. Discover the adventure of a lifetime with Maui and Britz – book your escape today!

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