Exclusive: New & improved Okto Villa


By Francois Huysamen

In June this year, Okto Caravans unveiled their Villa prototype and asked caravanners and industry leaders for feedback. Four and a half months later they have finished any changes, upgrades and improvements to their first model and are ready to provide the South African caravan market with the exciting new product.

Caravan & Outdoor Life have been writing about the Okto since May 2018, when we gave readers a sneak peek at the locally-manufactured caravan.

Since then, as we kept reporting on the progress of the build and finally the launch of the prototype, our articles in the magazine, on our website and on social media have been read by hundreds of thousands of people. It’s clear that caravanners are excited about the product!

So you can imagine my excitement when Arnold Prosch from Cara-Camp called to say that one of the first “new and improved” Villa models that has rolled off the factory floor is ready for us to take a look at.

Cara-Camp in Somerset West is the only dealership that sells Okto Caravans in the Western Cape; in Gauteng it is available at Loftus Caravan City in Randburg.

I met Arnold at the Mountain Breeze Resort outside Stellenbosch, where I got to spend an entire day with one of South Africa’s most exciting new caravan products.

When Arnold arrived with the caravan, the first thing I noticed was its height. While it is being towed, the Villa stands just over 2 metres high with the roof closed, making it almost the same height as the Toyota Hilux.

Considering South Africans’ love of towing with similar-size bakkies and SUVs, the Okto’s height ensures good aerodynamics, which in turn means less fuel consumption.

The Villa is a good-looking caravan – a mix between the classic designs of road caravans in South Africa over the past few decades, but with enough modern touches to ensure that it has a place in South Africa’s caravan future.

Apart from the low roof, other things you will immediately notice are the black overlay on the side windows, the futuristic lights at the back, and the shape of the front and back window.

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  • Exterior upgrades – width modification, slide-out kitchen, spare wheel mounting, corner steadies, spare wheel mounting.
  • Interior changes – layout, cupboards & closets, finishings, new lighting, control panel.
  • Dinette finalised – setting up, table conversion.
  • Roof improvements – solid mould, lifting mechanism.

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