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Caravan reviews can be solitary affairs. A staffer will be handed the keys to the new caravan and they’ll go off and test the unit, perhaps taking some friends or family along for the ride. We decided to handle this review a little differently, in that we first gave young Alex and Kobus a chance to go over the Expo, and then Godfrey stuck his head in, too. So what you have here is an intergenerational review, and one which also spans the gender divide – surely a caravanning first!

Launched in 2008, the Jurgens Expo caravan is designed to sleep three – there’s an island bed (a double) in the rear of the caravan and a second bed (a single) can be set up by folding away the dining table; a process which takes just a few seconds – even the kids can do it! While the single bed doesn’t look too comfortable, appearances are deceiving; for two small kids, or even a tall adult, this is a comfy spot to enjoy a night’s rest.

Interestingly, the double bed is movable; so you can have the bed in the middle of the caravan – island style – or against the wall if you’re someone who prefers a little more standing/walking-around room. There’s a large storage area underneath the double-bed mattress which is easily accessed via dual gas struts, so it’ll never slam shut on you.

The Jurgens Expo was tastefully decorated with a mixture of chocolate brown, beige and white trimming – an unusual combination for a caravan, we thought. But, surprisingly, this colour scheme grew on us quite considerably as we spent more time in the caravan. (Ed: The interior colour scheme recently changed with the launch of the ‘GS’ palette, which features gold and silver coloured cabinetry).

All cupboards in the Expo (above the dining-room table and the island bed) have a handy bracket which can be clicked into place once the cupboard is opened. This bracket keeps the cupboard doors open, so you can rummage around without having to hold the door open with one hand, or risk slamming your fingers when they close. All storage units in the Expo also come with a button lock which can be easily pushed in to secure the cupboard doors.

The Expo boasts ample storage space. The kitchen and dining area offer useful counter space, and there’s lots of shelving and cupboard space. There’s a hanging cupboard next to the bed which is great for jackets and those items not easily folded; plus, there’s a total of six overhead lockers above the beds and the dining area. You’ll find an easily accessible, secure area to store your portable toilet at the foot of the bed. It the bed is lifted up, you can access even more packing space – great for larger items.

Underneath the two couches which turn into the single bed, there’s space to stow the awning, tent, and groundsheet – and this is also where you’ll find the electrical distribution board (DB). The spare wheel is stored in the nosecone, and this area offers additional packing space for gas bottles, water containers, etc.

There’s a useful window-sill below the rear left window, adjacent to the bed and opposite the caravan’s well-lit mirror. Not only could this be a handy little shelf for those daily essentials such as shoes, perfume, and reading glasses, or a place to keep your book (within arm’s length of the bed), it can also double up as a comfy window seat to perch on when getting dressed in the morning. It’s a great place to sit on when putting in your contacts, or doing your make-up or hair, as it’s positioned right in front of the mirror.

Story by Alexandra Dunsford-White, Kobus Botha and Godfrey Castle Photos by Alexandra Dunsford-White
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