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Kavango split beds

Kavango split beds

I thought some of your readers may be interested in the modification I made to…


Look in on the Loeries

Under the tree canopy of the Knysna Forest, sites are quite effectively separated by trees and bushes, giving you the feeling that it’s just you and nature.

Discovererer ID2 Motorhome

Euro quality & style in SA

Fresh back from touring Scotland in a hired motorhome (and having owned a Jurgens Pioneer some years back), I find that I have developed a renewed interest in motorhomes.

Best tech on the market

Jos Joubert from Abba Safari Campers has acquired a Land Cruiser V8 D4D Diesel, on which he is building his latest, high-tech Abba camper.

First time at Vyftienmylse- berg

First time at Vyftienmylse- berg

Back in the early seventies, I fell in love with Namaqualand. It was during the first varsity vacation that I went there, after a friend had said: “There’s plenty of work in Tsumeb… hike up?”

Subtropical Paradise

Subtropical Paradise

[Travel] With a Volkswagen Kombi and “rock n roll” teardrop caravan, we head to the coast of northern KwaZulu-Natal.


Chilled out

When it comes to testing a product, there are two ways to do it: Either…