Dethleffs Evan motorhome

Words Mark Samuel Photography Courtesy of Dethleffs


Still in its concept stage, the Dethleffs Evan is an extremely short A-class motorhome that can transport six occupants and sleep four – all inside a body just 5.65 metres long. Let us know what you think!

Compact, flexible and ideal for almost daily use,’ is how designer Michael Studer describes his latest concept. The Dethleffs brand and Studer have been working together for more than ten years, and his design signature can be found throughout the Dethleffs model range.
For customer projects like the ‘Female Motorhome’ and the ‘Family Caravan’, it was Studer who brought to fruition the exciting ideas of the customers.
Dethleffs Evan motorhome
Dethleffs celebrated its 80th jubilee year in 2011, and the next 80 years begin with an extra-special highlight: the Evan. Studer’s long-standing wish is finally coming true, one which he’s carried with him for many years. Explained in his words, ‘I’ve been growing this idea for quite a while; it’s now time for a new vehicle concept – a flexible, compact model which combines the advantages of a whole range of motorhome concepts.’
At first glance the Evan looks like a large van, with its two-tone exterior. This impression is enhanced by the unusually short overhangs, a very compact car-like shape and, of course, the imposing 18-inch alloy wheels. It’s only 5.65 m long and 2.15 m wide, making it small enough for daily use, if that’s what you need.

You can enter the living quarters by either the side or the rear door. The interior boasts a layout that can conveniently accommodate long, unwieldy items, if you’re using the vehicle to transport goods.

The rear section has ample space for bulky objects, and the ‘flexible furniture’ can be adapted and converted as needed, which means that even the bathroom can be extended in two simple steps. This increases the amount of space available inside, if you’re feeling a bit cramped. The rear locker can be fitted with a folding rack for storing additional pieces of luggage. Up to six occupants can be seated safely inside when you’re travelling. The living room has comfortable, ergonomically styled single seats which offer superb support and are individually adjustable and reclinable. They can also be moved lengthways or crosswise.

At night the large pull-down bed, which measures 1.9 m x 1.5 m, is easily dropped down into place. During the day it ‘disappears’ under the cab’s roof. With the pop-top of the living quarters raised, two additional berths, in the form of a 2.05 m x 1.42 m bed, complete the four-sleeper arrangement. Large air inlets and a large panoramic window in the pop-top roof take care of your ventilation needs while you’re set up at your campsite. The four sleeping berths can be configured almost instantaneously, or quickly converted back into a lounge and living area. This versatile use of interior space is one of the primary reasons why the Evan gets by with such a compact exterior, and yet still features a relatively spacious interior.

Whether it’s for a quick weekend getaway or longer multi-week tours, the strategy behind this concept is that the onboard facilities will meet pretty much your every travel need. The well-equipped kitchen, with sink, two-plate gas stove and 88-litre fridge, and a counter up to 1350 mm long, will make food prep during your journey a cinch.

The adjustable bathroom comes with a removable cassette toilet, washbasin and small shower. For those super-cold camping nights, the underfloor diesel heater keeps the interior snug and cosy. ‘A motorhome must be mobile and versatile, both during the day, when you’re travelling, and at night. The Evan, without doubt, meets these requirements,’ says Studer proudly.

Whether the Evan will hit the production line soon is a secret Dethleffs are keeping under wraps. ‘The Evan fills a very new market segment. We’re going to wait for the reaction of our customers and trade partners with regard to this project. If the response is overwhelmingly positive, we’ll then make a final call on making this concept a reality, sometime during 2012.’

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