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Destination Wish – dreams do come true!


After spending time in Jozi reviewing the Destination Wish, which is the more compact 2 berth offering from the Destination Caravans stable, we can certainly say we loved the size of it. This is the perfect two person caravan, with its own dedicated bathroom. And, it’s quite deceptive for a 2 berth, as it has oodles of space. The exterior enjoys the same aesthetically pleasing and understated looks as the larger caravans in the Destination range.

We like the toned down feel, which is a move away from the bright and sometimes gaudy colours used in caravan decals, exterior caravan accessories and bumpers. The Destination Wish is one good looking caravan and its bigger brother, the Destination Nature, offers equally good looks and added space.

On the outside
The Wish has an entrance door set towards the rear of the caravan and has a fitted retractable step which makes access to the interior very easy. Gone is the separate plastic step-up required for many other caravans. The Wish has a solid grab handle on the door to allow for easy opening and closing and a conveniently situated waste bin.

To the left of the door on the exterior is a storage compartment that is excellent for the storage of non-perishable food stuffs and condiments. Just next to this storage is a multi-plug which is convenient for plugging in any appliances, exterior lights or charging your cell phone and laptops. Integrated grab handles ensure easy positioning of the Wish at your favourite campsite.

The exterior slide-out kitchen houses a sink with hot and cold water, a single plate induction cooker and a healthy work surface/prep area. Under the slide-out kitchen is a large drawer that houses all the crockery and another drawer that contains the cutlery. A third drawer offers packing space. We are fans of these outdoor kitchen units as residual cooking smells and spills remain outdoors. Nobody wants their bedding to smell like popcorn or a potjie for that matter.

There is a large rear opening storage hatch that houses the air conditioning unit and offers extra packing space. The Wish has two skylights/air vents that offer good air flow to the interior and added light. The Destination Wish is shod with 215/80/16 tyres and has alloy rims which further complement its exterior look.

Let’s go indoors!
On entry into the Wish the bathroom is immediately on the right and offers a full shower with hand basin and mirror, towel rail and toilet. There is storage above the mirror at the hand basin for toiletries. Directly across from the entrance are two large storage cupboards and a work surface a with plug point. Above the work surface is a hanging rack which houses all the drinking and wine glasses and above that, the microwave oven with further storage to the right of it. Situated to the left of this work area is a double door fridge/freezer to store all the perishables required for the trip.

Immediately to the left of the entrance are two tall storage cupboards which are ideal for all those necessities required for a caravanning adventure. Moving further into the interior you will find a double island bed surrounded by large windows that offer wonderful outside views. Window privacy blinds can be closed at night.

Above the bed’s headboard is the 12 000 BTU air conditioner for those hot summer days with its remote control situated conveniently in a holder right next to the bed and the bedside table. There is also a conveniently placed plug point next to the bed for cell phone and laptop charging.

Tale of the tape
The Destination Wish is certainly a dream come true in the 2 berth category. It is a very well-appointed caravan, offering excellent comfort, great aesthetics and it enjoys a robust build quality. We give this smaller caravan from Destination a solid thumbs. Buyers of this new entrant to the market will certainly get their money’s worth and when they eventually decide replace it with a new one, they’ll probably get their money back with interest.

For information on the 4 berth Destination Nature also found in this range, click here.

Tare: 1550 kg
GVM: 2000 kg
Berths: 2
Suspension: Beam axles with leaf springs
Tyre/rim/mags: 16″/215
Length: 6300mm
Width outside: 2450mm
Width inside: 2365mm
Height: 2700mm
Headroom: 1950mm
Bed: Double
Bathroom with shower: Yes
Tent: Full tent
Fridge/freezer: Yes
Microwave: Yes
Cutlery & crockery 6 people: Yes
Outside kitchen, basin & 1 induction plate: Yes
Victron Battery Charger: Yes
100Amp deep cycle battery: Yes
Aircon 12000BTU: Yes
Sparewheel with rim: Yes

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