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Destination Caravans’ next generation


The biggest new caravans in SA were on display for the public for the first time since the announcement by André van Helsdingen and the Destination Caravans team in December 2017.

Three of the five models in the range were on show at the Beeld Show – Dream, Journey and Wonder.

Destination caravans are built with a unique fibreglass body. Between the interior and exterior fibreglass layers is a PVC Core material combined with fibreglass, which are made one through a cold vacuum process.

André tells Caravan & Outdoor Life: “The advantage is that the core inside has structural integrity, and allows us to incorporate the caravan’s fibreglass process without needing glue. And it makes the caravan lighter and more stable.

“You can drop this caravan in the ocean and come back after 20 years, and it will still be there!”

All Destination caravans are built on imported Al-Ko chassis, and come standard with Dorema tent (with Fibre Tech poles), deep cycle battery, C-TEK charger, microwave, fridge/freezer, aircon, fibreglass water tank, 30 L geyser, shower unit, toilet, outdoor slide-out kitchen with Snappy Chef induction stove, crockery and cutlery.

The biggest models, Dream and Journey, have similar interior designs: The entry door is situated in front of the wheels, with a dining area on the left as you enter the caravan (ie the nose area), a bathroom in the middle on the driver side, interior kitchen in the middle on the passenger side, and a queen size bed orientated sideways in the back.

The Wonder has the door behind the wheels. As you enter the dinette area is to your right (back of the caravans); in the middle is a bathroom (driver side) and inside kitchen (passenger side). The queen-size island bed is in the front of the Wonder, with the head towards the nose.

All three models sleep four people, have an exterior width of 2 440 mm and standard GVM of 2 500 kg. The Dream is 9 150 mm in length with a Tare of 2 150 kg; Journey is 8 310 mm in length with a Tare of 1 950 kg; Wonder is 7 900 mm in length with a Tare of 1 780 kg.


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