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Deliciously rich roast leg of lamb


There are few meals that can beat the flavour and delectable taste of a well-seasoned, delicious roast leg of lamb, cooked to perfection with salted roast potatoes in a Remoska cooker. Not only will your whole family be lining up for seconds and fighting over who gets to scrape out the last tasty bits bathed in gravy and meat juices at the bottom of the Remoska cooker, but your neighbours might also make a sudden appearance in the hope of being offered dinner. You’ve been warned!

Trim any surplus fat from the lamb, lightly brush with melted butter. Cut a number of slits in the surface of the lamb with the point of a knife and insert rosemary and garlic. Season the lamb, place in the roasting bag or wrap well in foil.

Place the lamb into the Remoska cooker and surround with small sized potatoes. Roast for approximately 1 – 1½ hours in the Standard, 1 ½ – 2 hours in the Grand. Carefully open the roasting bag, drain off the stock and use it to make a rich gravy. Leave the lamb to rest before carving and serving with a selection of gravy drenched veg and roast potatoes.

Standard Grand
Serves 4-5 6-8
Lamb, leg 1kg 2lb 1.5kg 3lb
Butter (melted) 25g 1oz 50g 2oz
Rosemary, fresh, spring 1 2
Garlic, sliced in slivers 1 2
Salt and black pepper
Roasting Bag
Potatoes 500g 1lb 1kg 2lb

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