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Conqueror Midrand

Customer satisfaction guaranteed at Conqueror Midrand


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“Conqueror is a brand synonymous with toughness and great quality, and our products are about creating an experience for everyone.
Family holidays and getaways are an integral part of the South African culture and lifestyle. The Conqueror caravans and trailers are designed to make it convenient and easy to set up camp allowing for more relaxation time and opportunity to create more family memories around the campfire.”
– Athol Perry, Owner Conqueror Midrand

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When you meet the team from Conqueror Midrand, it doesn’t take long before you are sure of two things: They are going to make your caravan dreams come true, and you’re guaranteed excellent service… for the rest of your life!

The Conqueror Connection dealership in at 181 Lever Road, Noordwyk, has only been under the ownership of Athol Perry for a few months, but he is no stranger to the brand.

Apart from enjoying traveling and camping with a Conqueror caravan for more than a decade, Athol has been a business partner in Conqueror since 2009.

Before taking over the Conqueror Midrand branch, Athol worked in the hospitality and catering industry.

“Due to the lockdown this year, the hospitality industry was slow, so I thought it would be a perfect time for me to be more than just a silent partner, and actually become more involved in the Conqueror business,” says Athol.

“I took over the Midrand branch, and things have been going great. Especially since the relaxation of the lockdown, our phones have been ringing off the hook!

“We have a great team, and we really pride ourselves in being a customer-driven business.

“It’s all about ‘how can we help you’. If you want a Conqueror, we’ll make it happen!”

Conqueror Midrand

Conqueror Midrand

Operating hours
Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm
Saturday & Holidays: 8am – 1pm

181 Lever Road

It’s this work ethic and emphasis on building relationships that keep customers of Conqueror Midrand coming back.

That, and the fact that the dealership is a one-stop-shop for everything you need for a camping adventure.

“Apart from the Conqueror range of caravans in our showroom, we also have a workshop and tent shop on site,” says Athol.

“We can service your vehicle, do repairs… just bring your unit and everything gets done.

“We also have a shop on site where you can get most of your camping equipment. The shop is still growing, and if you want something that we don’t stock, we’ll make sure to get it for you.”


Conqueror Midrand

Whether you want to add on or upgrade your Conqueror or want to get your first unit, the Conqueror Midrand team “will make it happen”.

For campers new to the Conqueror family, the Midrand team really goes the extra mile to ensure your adventures go smoothly.

“When anyone buys a Conqueror from us – new or used – we have an extensive handover process,” says Athol.

“We do a full setup and show you how everything works so ensure you are comfortable taking your unit on a trip. There are also videos available online. But we are always here to help, just a phone call away.”


Are you interested in upgrading your Conqueror, or do you already have a caravan but want to become part of the family? No problem! Conqueror Midrand do in-house financing and offers extensive trade-in assistance.

“In fact, we currently have a trade-in special,” says Athol.

“If you trade in selected units at Conqueror Midrand, we give you up to R15 000 trade-in assistance which you can use as a down payment, use for upgrades or add-ons, or just spend in our shop.”

Even trade-ins of certain other brands of caravans are welcome. The team will assess your unit, and either does a full trade-in, or you can use their park-and-sell facility.

“If you want to sell your Conqueror, or if you want to buy a second-hand unit, we encourage you to do it through us,” adds Athol.

“The Conqueror dealership brings credibility to the deal.

“All the second-hand units we sell are checked and serviced. We also give a six-month warranty… none of which you get through a private deal.

“Conqueror Midrand will give you have peace of mind.”


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