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Custom Motorhome: It’s All About The Finish!


Driving up the road to Ongegund wine farm at the feet of the Hottentots Holland Mountains, we are greeted by a brand new, custom-built Mercedes-Benz based motorhome. Parked under the tall oak trees, the latest unit from AC Motorhomes looks ready for any adventure. It’s an impressive sight.

Owner Alwyn (AJ) van Pittius runs various businesses including Ongegund, a popular destination for weddings. The farm’s old Cape buildings, row upon neat row of vines, dams, oak trees and the accommodation blend in with this wonderful lifestyle!

All this is reflected in the very special motorhome he had built for himself and his wife Marietta.

‘My wife and I both dream, and we do what we dream,’ says AJ.

‘We had a motorhome before and we knew what we wanted in this one. I need things to be clean-cut, to keep things simple and practical. Everything we have put into this motorhome is for a reason. I want space inside – when my wife is cooking, I want to be able to get past without her having to move out of the way, and now I can. I don’t like kitsch, and I can’t live without my coffee machine for cappuccinos or espresso.’

The entire motorhome took three months to conceptualise and between four to five weeks to build.

Words & Images Godfrey Castle
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