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Conqueror Launch Recce Limited Edition


Conqueror Off-Road Campers have once again lived up to their “military tough” reputation by partnering with Recce Incorporated for a range of limited edition units.

Recce Inc is a company (shares held by the Recce Heritage Trust), that exists to commercialise the RECCE brand for the benefit of the members of the South African Special Forces Association (SAFSA), a Non Profit Military Veterans Organization open to all retired and serving Special Forces members.

This company does not partner with just any brand – they choose only the best to put their name to, and told Caravan & Outdoor Life that when it came to choose an off-road caravan and trailer manufacturer to partner with, the choice was clearly Conqueror.

Caravan & Outdoor Life attended the launch evening of the Conqueror Recce Limited Edition caravans, where we got a first-hand look at the beefed-up products, that include upgrades to the suspension, battery and electrical system, rims, and more.

About a hundred guests attended the launch, a story night where veteran Recces like Div Lamprechts, Callie Roos, Justin Vermaak and Garry Yaffe shared stories from their time in the Special Forces. These tough chaps entertained and educated the audience with tales of their selection programmes, survival and bush craft, as well as sharing an immersive first-hand account of The Battle of Cuito Cuanavale in Angola during the war in the late 1980s.

The evening was hosted at the impressive Conqueror showroom in Heidelberg, Gauteng, where the Recce variants – available on the Commander, Companion, Compacts and Comfort models – were also on show.

The Comfort and Compact models see a nice tech upgrade to the tents, which now open and close automatically at the press of a button. The slide-out kitchen unit is also electronically operated.

These two models come with eye-to-eye leaf springs, solid 2.5-ton rated axle, and 270-degree Insta Awn.

The Commander and Companion come with adjustable independent suspension… that’s right, at the press of a button you can lift or lower your suspension! But it’s the awning that you notice first on these special editions. The Commander and Companion have two awnings, that you can open individually for 180-degree shade, or you can open both and zp them together for 360-degree coverage.

All Recce Limited Edition models come with Recce Camo stickers, DC/DC battery charger, a branded thicker mattress, stainless steel braai grid, fridge/freezer, Recce-branded bedding and glass set, a solar panel, BF Goodrich all-terrain tyres and Recce rims.

Each Recce model will also have a unique number.

Pricing for the limited editions are available from Conqueror Off-Road Campers. A percentage of each caravan sale will go to Recce Incorporated.

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