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Chocolate Cake


Anybody who has published a chocolate cake recipe boasts that theirs is best but not all can say that they baked theirs in a Remoska electric cooker while camping & caravanning in the great outdoors. Why stop at supper when you can throw in a little dessert ~ who thinks of calories on holidays anyway! This recipe is simple and easy to follow and doubles as edutainment for little hands.

Ingredients: Standard

Butter: 225g
Sugar, caster: 225g
Eggs: 4
Flour, self raising: 225g
Cocoa powder: 50g

For the topping:

Chocolate, plain: 150g
Cream, double: 50ml


Cream the butter, sugar and add the eggs one at a time with a little flour to prevent curdling. Fold in the rest of the sifted flour with the cocoa powder. Spoon into the lightly greased Remoska and bake for approx 40 minutes

For the topping: when the cake is cold, melt the chocolate, stir in the cream and spread on top of the cake.

For cooking in the Remoska Grand, the same quantities can be placed in an oven-proof cake tin and cooked inside the Remoska Grand

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