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Celebrating 30 years of success as market leaders


For the past 30 years, Bobo Campers and Motorhome-World have been setting the gold standard for the rental and manufacturing of recreational vehicles in South Africa.

Bobo Campers traces its birth all the way back to 1991 when the idea arose to start renting out motorhomes in SA, since tourism slowly started becoming more popular due to the ending of Apartheid.

Over time as the demand increased, the business acquired more and more units, and later moved from Queensburgh, Durban, to Kempton Park to be close to the international airport.

In 2001 it was decided to start manufacturing their own units, so Managing Director Dennis Bouwers moved to Cape Town to set up a rental depot and manufacturing plant – and so, Motorhome-World was born.

Tim Bouwers and his wife Dedre joined in 2001 at the Johannesburg head office; Tim as fleet manager, and Dedre for the financing.

Fresh with a degree in management, Tim took over the lead at Bobo Campers in 2007.


Today, Bobo Campers is one of Southern Africa’s most experienced recreational vehicle rental dealerships, with a fleet that includes campers, motorhomes and 4×4s.

They rent out motorhomes and 4×4 campers to visitors from all over the world who wish to experience Southern Africa at their own pace and leisure. From luxury fully-equipped motorhomes for families to rugged 4×4 motorhomes for the more adventurous, they have something for almost all types of explorers.

With three fully-equipped depots (Cape Town, Johannesburg, Namibia) as well as Iveco Service Dealer status they can ensure their products are in top shape. Their 5-star reviews on Google and Tripadvisor, and 45+ world-wide agency partners would agree too.

Bobo Campers are currently offering their late-model rental units at a 40% discount on the daily rental rate for all our local customers. If you are interested, fill in the enquiry form below:


Meanwhile, Motorhome-World no longer just produce units for the Bobo Campers rental fleet, they also produce motorhomes for private clients, plus they have successfully exported their Discoverer Xtreme motorhome bodies to Australia since 2017, and in 2019 also gathered orders from a Chinese distributor.

With more than 700 units produced, nobody has manufactured more motorhomes in SA than Motorhome-World.

The Discoverer 4 has been in production since 2003 and is currently in its 4th revision. Modern, strong and durable, these luxurious motorhomes are seen regularly in game parks, campsites, and other attractions.

This model has also been crowned Motorhome of the Year 2020 by the Great Outdoors Guide.

The Discoverer 6 has a similar design but with added luton housing a double bed.

The made-for-private-market-only Discoverer Deluxe has the last word in world-class luxury and space.

The continent-busting Discoverer Xtreme 4×4 has proven to be very successful and gives the customer a lot of freedom in layouts, equipment and levels of ruggedness.

Since 2019, all models with the exception of the new Discoverer Journey panelvan camper are offered in both automatic and manual.

Motorhome-World has negotiated with Iveco SA for reduced pricing on chassis (most models). If you are interested in making your dream to own a Discoverer model come true, fill in the enquiry form below:

Motorhome-World Discoverer 4 - Caravan Camp Destination Show 2019


While Motorhome-World and Bobo Campers have gone from strength to strength over the past couple of decades, did you know these businesses are not the only feathers in the caps of the Bouwers brothers?

In 2005 Dennis and Tim visited the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon show (as they do every year), where a deal was made with the largest accessory manufacturer in Europe, Fiamma SpA (based in Milan, Italy).

With a sole distribution agreement, quality products from the entire catalogue were imported and distributed to both manufacturers and end-users.

Since then, Fiamma has become South Africa’s largest supplier of various camping accessories, such as awnings (over 8 000 sold), as well as portable toilets (Bi-Pot), with over 20 000 sold to date.

Over the years many more such agreements were put into place to expand the product offerings including Alden, CBE, Zadi, Aravon and more.

All brands other than Fiamma fall under the Parasol brand for camping accessories.

Currently, the entire group oversees the camping market by leading in motorhome rentals, accessory sales and manufacturing.

Dennis and Tim Bouwers

Dennis and Tim Bouwers


While the Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on their businesses, as with almost everyone else, Dennis and Tim look are still enjoying present success and looking forward to more growth in the future.

Reasons for their optimism are the same as what has always made their businesses great: quality products and services, as well as the ability to adapt to the market.

For instance, during the pandemic, they supplied first-line responders with long-term rental units. Combine this with the new demand for motorhomes in Australia due to the Coronavirus crises – as Australians increasingly want to travel their own country – and it’s clear that Motorhome-World and Bobo Campers are set for another 30 years of success.

How Bobo Campers & Motorhome-World are leading the way

First to offer automatic gearbox rental motorhomes in the SA rental industry.
First to combine both rental and manufacturing for a tailor-made rental offering.
First to offer fully arranged motorhome FIT tours in SA.
First to use PP Honeycomb as a core in sandwich panels into production motorhome industry in 2006.
First to use lightweight Styrene core material, without any structural inserts in sandwich panels into production motorhome industry in 2015.


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