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CCSA Western Cape Provincial Rally 2023 – A Weekend of Comradeship and Adventure in Muizenberg


The CCSA Boland Region hosted the Western Cape Provincial Rally, a camping weekend filled with get-togethers and adventure from the 8 to 10 September 2023 at Zandvlei Caravan Park, Muizenberg in the Western Cape.

On Friday, 8 September, seventy-four caravans arrived in Muizenberg, offering campers beautiful views of Muizenberg Mountain, lush green sites, and the soothing sounds of the ocean as background music. The weather was ideal, with no wind and sunny skies, creating perfect camping conditions.

Approximately 170 campers were well-fed by the CCSA Atlantic and CCSA Cape Western Regions. Tables were laden with snacks and welcome drinks, fostering connections among friends and newcomers. Campers savoured Joey’s boerewors rolls, some extending their stay to enjoy connecting.

After a satisfying dinner, campers returned to their regions to continue the evening with fellow members. As they retired to their caravans, the sounds of laughter and conversation filled the air, marking the end of a perfect day.

On Saturday, 9 September, the day began with brunch. Birdsong and the aroma of fresh coffee greeted fellow waking campers. Despite looming clouds, the CCSA Boland and CCSA Disa Regions prepared a scrumptious brunch. Onions and bacon sizzled invitingly, and campers gathered at 11:00 to enjoy fresh bread, cheese, jam, savoury mince, bacon, and moist scrambled eggs. Brunch became the backdrop for newfound friendships and fellowship.

The CCSA Tygerberg Region organised Boeresport games, which met with enthusiasm and friendly competition. Others explored historic Muizenberg, lined with refreshment options. Despite rain and wind, surfers embraced the waves on the beautiful white beaches, accentuated by vibrant Beach Huts.

Campers gathered around campfires, sharing stories in the midst of a “Cape of Storms.” Tents received extra storm straps, and tent pegs were repositioned after being uprooted by the wind. With a touch of anxiousness, campers retired, their caravans and tents enduring the storm. Some wisely packed up during a break in the weather, while others sought refuge in more stable accommodations.

On Sunday, 10 September, it was once again time to pack up. Members inspected their rigs for storm-related damage. Minor incidents occurred, but caravans and tents mostly withstood the storm. As the weather improved, campers packed up, lending helping hands to one another, exemplifying the essence of community camping.

The CCSA Good Hope, CCSA Tafelbaai, and CCSA Tygerberg hosted the Chairman’s Tea, featuring a message of gratitude from Lorna. The event included raffle announcements and award presentations. Despite a relentless downpour, the weekend at Zandvlei Campsite left lasting memories, highlighting the value of connecting with nature and cherishing time with friends.

In conclusion, the weekend Rally offered an ideal escape from everyday life, a reminder to recharge spirits, and an opportunity to spend time with like-minded individuals passionate about the outdoors and exploring different campsites in the beautiful Western Cape. The CCSA Boland Region’s next adventure is a Stargazing Tour to the legendary town of Sutherland from 21 to 26 September 2023, promising more cherished memories.

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