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CCSA Western Cape – Atlantic Region Celebrates their Comradery at Die Watergat


The Atlantic Region of the Caravan Club is making a name for itself in the camping world. It’s all about building strong bonds and a shared passion for camping that spans generations. In 2023, they marked their presence with a memorable first Annual General Meeting (AGM) and a highly successful fundraising campaign that garnered unwavering support from their dedicated members.

As they look ahead to 2024, reservations for the coming year are well underway and nearing completion. The Atlantic Region’s main goal is to connect with camping enthusiasts beyond their region by forming partnerships for camping adventures. Building and nurturing relationships are their top priorities, and their dedicated committee is hard at work planning their next steps.

The Atlantic newsletter has become an essential resource, offering insights into past and upcoming events. In the coming months, members can look forward to a treasure trove of informative articles covering various aspects of camping, from essential tips and towing advice to equipment reviews, recommended destinations, and insights relevant to the broader camping community. They extend a warm invitation to all members to contribute their own writings or share relevant articles, enriching the camping experience for fellow enthusiasts.

With each changing season, campers experience a mix of excitement and nostalgia. As the weather warms and campfires become less frequent, the allure of creating enduring camping memories around a crackling fire remains strong. It’s the adventurous spirit within each camper that keeps them yearning for these moments.

Looking back at their recent trip to Die Watergat on 28 July 2023, the Atlantic Region showed unwavering determination in the face of challenging weather conditions. Despite the abundance of rain, their enthusiasm remained unwavering as they set out to create an unforgettable weekend.

Their routine sign-in led to a heartwarming gathering under a spacious, sheltered Lapa area. Here, they enjoyed a variety of delicious curries, fostering a sense of togetherness that defines their club. It was also an opportunity to extend their best wishes to Robin, celebrating a significant milestone Birthday.

After dinner, the spotlight shifted to the ladies in the Lapa area, engaging in spirited rounds of double twelves. At the same time, resourceful gentlemen lit cosy fires. Those not participating in the double twelve showdown found refuge under a capacious gazebo, comfortably accommodating all. Despite the persistent rain, in-house DJs ensured the party atmosphere thrived with tunes that had everyone singing along.

Saturday arrived with little improvement in the weather. Their planned park walk was cancelled, but true to their Atlantic spirit, they adapted and continued to make the most of their weekend.

Saturday afternoon saw the gazebo transformed into a sea of blue balloons as they hosted a “baby Fester” baby shower – an inclusive affair with gentlemen enthusiastically participating, discovering a newfound appreciation for baby showers. Games, nursery rhyme quizzes, and performances tested their skills. Following the baby shower, they seamlessly transitioned into rugby, rekindled the fires, prepared dinner, and welcomed back their DJs for another round of music and merriment.

Their campsite, situated on a working farm, offered stunning views of vineyards and mountains. With 20 electrical points, barbecue facilities, a swimming pool, Wi-Fi access, and a backup generator for power outages, it provided a comfortable and well-equipped base for their adventure. The Lapa area featured a kitchen with fridges, a washing-up area, and ample seating. The only hiccup of the weekend was the lack of hot water in the showers, reportedly due to a depleted gas supply—yet, even this minor inconvenience failed to dampen their spirits.

In conclusion, their weekend at Die Watergat was an undisputed success, thanks to the unwavering enthusiasm of the 12 families and one visiting set of guests. Rain or shine, they found joy in celebrating Robin’s milestone birthday and eagerly anticipated the arrival of precious baby Fester. As they look forward to the future, they eagerly anticipate further growth of the Atlantic region, nurturing bonds, and creating cherished camping memories destined to last a lifetime.

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