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CCSA Boland Region’s July Rally Embraces Camaraderie and Wildlife at Melkbosstrand’s Ou Skip Holiday Resort


Are you ready to dive into the heart-warming world of caravan comradeship and natural wonders? Look no further than the captivating events and tales of the Caravan Club of Southern Africa (CCSA) Boland Regional Rally. When one joins this club, the adventure possibilities are endless. And, it was no different with this captivating event that was a gathering like no other. This get-together turned weather challenges into memorable moments.

Nestled at the picturesque Ou Skip Holiday Resort Caravan Park in Melkbosstrand, the rally unfolded in July 2023, proving that not even severe weather warnings could dampen the spirits of dedicated caravan enthusiasts.

The awe of this location captured the very essence of natural, paradise-like splendour. This tranquil coastal retreat with a beach only 300m away and on-your-doorstep hiking trails set the tone. These very placid Dikkop and Grysbok trails lead you to sandy beaches, cliffs and dune veld with a wealth of nature.

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The anticipation leading up to the rally and Annual General Meeting (AGM) was tangible. Seasoned winter campers were undeterred by the looming weather warnings, with some intrepid explorers arriving as early as Thursday. By Friday, the caravan count had reached a total of 12, each representing a unique aspect of the journey. Among the caravan connoisseurs were Danie and Malinda, who proudly showcased their new home away from home.

Members were banqueted with unforgettable culinary delights – from filling feasts to dainty treats, this was a spread not to miss. Friday night brought a twist to the plans with the build-a-burger dinner. Despite the heavens opening up at 17:00 and unleashing an unrelenting downpour throughout the night, the spirits remained unquenched. Hamburger patties sizzled and danced on the grill, as participants embraced the unexpected weather as part of the adventure. Even though the crackling fires had to wait, the warmth of closeness and sharing kept everyone cozy.

This was also a time to honour dedication and team spirit. Amidst the companionship and shared meals, the AGM took centre stage. Even those who opted not to camp for the weekend were present, adding their own touch of elegance with high-tea refreshments. The CCSA Boland Region took the opportunity to recognise outstanding members. Natalie Winterbach-Pridgeon claimed the esteemed CCSA Boland Region Camper of the Year Award, while Sue Townsend earned her well-deserved acknowledgement as the Runner Up. Gavin Pridgeon, the recipient of the Dick Soine – the Grape Vine (The Hammer of the Year) award, added a dash of playful charm to the proceedings by being recognised for his rally antics.

Click on the gallery below to view the CCSA Boland Region award winners:

As the weekend unfolded, Sue Townsend’s significant contributions as Secretary of the Region were celebrated. The time arrived to bid farewell and recognise roles that were fulfilled beyond the call of duty. Stepping down after years of devoted service, Townsend’s legacy was woven into the fabric of the event. Saturday afternoon allowed participants to unwind and indulge in delectable treats, their tummies full and spirits high. The Springboks proved an exhilarating display, with attendees donning snug jackets and beanies to cheer on their team.

Click on the gallery below to view club members that participated in the July rally:

The CCSA Boland Region’s new Committee and Assistants were also announced as follows:

Chairman – Andrew Potgieter

Vice Chairman – Gavin Pridgeon and Smous

Rally Convener – Natalie Winterbach-Pridgeon

Secretary – Enid Swart Assistants – Danie Theron & Antoinette Slater

With August on the horizon, the CCSA Boland Region gears up for yet another captivating voyage. This time, this excursion takes them up the West Coast, where nature’s floral extravaganza awaits. Following the abundant rain, the landscape promises a magnificent display of vibrant blossoms. As we prepare to embark on a 10-day expedition along the West Coast of Cape Town, the invitation to join this remarkable trip is extended to all.

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To conclude, this all showcased the unbreakable spirit of caravan these enthusiasts and their passion for exploration. In the face of unpredictable weather and unforeseen twists, a community stands united, bonded by shared experiences and a love for the open road. As the wheels of time turn, the CCSA Boland Region sets its compass for new horizons, ready to uncover even more treasures that nature has in store.

Join them on this unforgettable journey, where friendship and the wonders of the world intertwine to create lasting memories. For more information, pricing or any other enquiries, kindly fill in the enquiry form below and a trusted member of the CCSA Boland Region will get back to you online!

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