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The Kruger National Park Golf course has been a popular hangout spot for the Kruger animals lately. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown a pack of wild dogs, a few elephants, a pride of lions and some hyena’s where amongst some of the animals who decided to explore the lush green grass at the Skukuza golf course in the Kruger National Park. But it looks like yet another animal in the kingdom decided to join in the fun and roam around on the golf course. Earlier today SANParks posted a video on their official Kruger National Park Twitter account

A leopard with her cubs was recently captured on a camera trap by Geo Parks & Sons Timber Merchants in the Garden Route. Following centuries of persecution, leopard in the Cape area are now restricted to mountain habitat and seeing them outside of national parks has nothing to do with the #lockdown, seeing as leopards have been living in the Cape and Garden Route area long before the lockdown- even long before human settlement. They are among the smallest leopard in the world, with males weighing an average of 35kg, compared to 58kg in Kruger. Many of us have a

There have been numerous videos and pictures doing the rounds on social media lately of wild animals taking advantage of the #lockdown in South Africa and in other countries. A Twitter user posted a video of a kudu strolling through the streets of Pretoria. The original post said that the video was taken in Lynnwood Ridge, but other users commented saying that it was taken in the Silver Lakes Golf Estate in Pretoria. A Kudu walking the Lynwood Rd in Pretoria. @cutmaker — Patrick Moroney (@Patrickm73) April 18, 2020 Today another Facebook user posted a video of the Kudu

It looks like the penguins in Simon’s Town just wanted to make sure everybody is sticking to the lockdown rules by taking a stroll through the streets.  Maybe they just wanted to find out where the humans were hiding? SANCOB (Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds) posted a video on their Facebook and Twitter accounts yesterday (17 April 2020)  and stated that their Penguin Rangers have their hands full, but that these days it is safer for the birds to waddle down the streets. Watch the video below:   SANCOB is still busy during the lockdown period

It looks like the animals in Kruger National Park are taking advantage of the lush green grass at the Skukuza Golf Course now that the humans are stuck in isolation. Last week  (Friday 10 April 2020) Jean Rossouw, the Skukuza Golf Course superintendent posted a video and some pictures on the Kruger National Park official Twitter page of a pack of Wild dogs having fun on the golf course. “Hi, I’m Jean Rossouw, the Skukuza Golf Course superintendent , otherwise known as the ‘green keeper’. The past few weeks have been hard work, doing maintenance work on the infrastructure of

Elephant families have a matriarchal head, in other words, an older, experienced female elephant that leads the herd.  They are normally seen in big groups and occasionally non-related elephants will join the family and become part of the herd. For those of you who have been fortunate enough to see these amazing animals in real life, will know that they are very protective of their little ones (calves). Often other female elephants (cows) help to babysit each other’s calves and this is very important for the development of elephants. By doing this the younger females learn how to look after

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