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Words & Images Richard Van Ryneveld The more I travel, the more places I find that I want to visit. The list is one that I have been compiling for years, and it comes in handy when the job at hand is more than just hitching up and cruising through our beautiful country. I was heading to Gauteng to take a look at some new and modified caravans, campers, and trailers that had hit the market. On my previous trips to Johannesburg and Pretoria, I had discovered a host of places to camp which were literally an hour’s drive from

When August comes around and you’re lucky enough to be in the Cape, you have to head out to see the flowers. Whether they’re in Namaqualand or just up the West Coast, the multicoloured display this time of the year is simply spectacular. So, when we started getting reports that the flowers were popping up for their “annual show”, we arranged for a quick trip to check it out. Words Lara Meter A trip up the West Coast is always a pleasure; but for this travel story, we were going to do it in style. Thanks to the friendly people

Words & Images Richard Van Ryneveld My love for the Tankwa Karoo first blossomed 19 years ago when I accompanied Oom Sarel’s two shepherds, Jan Baadjies and Flip Mysner, on their yearly sheep trek. We walked for some nine days from Visgat in the Witzenberg Vallei, over the Skurweberg, and down to Dadelboom, their winter grazing farm in the Tankwa Karoo. It was one of the highlights of my life. This annual trek had continued for generations. Sadly, today, it is no more: the farmers now use trucks to transport their sheep. But this wide stretch of earth, starting in

Words & Images Dave Jones When Spring began to stir in 2015 and the usual desire to visit the flowers in Namaqualand and the Northern Cape began to make us restless, my wife Fay and I decided to do it properly. Instead of just doing the flowers, we first took our trusty motorhome, named Florence, due north from our Garden Route home to revisit the Kgalagadi for the first time in more than 30 years, before we headed home via Namaqualand. The last time we visited the Kgalagadi it was in a very basic VW Kombi and we were confident

Words & Images Richard Van Ryneveld I had fallen in love with iSimangaliso back in 2007. And like all good love stories, she seemed to reveal more and more of her depth, beauty and complexity at every meeting. While I’ve visited the Wetland Park in KwaZulu-Natal a couple of times in the years since then (though not often enough), my most recent journey once again left me speechless. It reminds me of a crumpled, coffee-stained brochure I had kept from a previous trip that reads: ‘The cultural and ecological treasures of the region are so great as to defy the

Story & Images Richard van Ryneveld ‘What now? Why’s he flashing his lights at me?’ I know my old Land Rover camper is as slow as an ox, so I’m ultra careful when turning into a busy road. I was leaving Pringle Bay, and turning right to Betty’s Bay when I saw the approaching Freelander from Rooi Els; but its indicators signalled that it was going to turn right to Pringle Bay, which I had just left. Now the vehicle was behind me, lights flashing, and while he was overtaking me, the driver signalled furiously for me to pull over.

My mom always used to say, ‘Don’t make assumptions.’ Every now and again I forget, but you can always rely on life to come and give you a good kick in the backside to remind you of this old adage. Take my recent trip to the Brits area, for instance − my tussle with assumptions began even before I’d collected the Gecko off-road caravan and Nissan X-Trail. Story & Images Richard van Ryneveld I had two spare days up in Gauteng before the two vehicles would be available, so I’d arranged to review a Sensation caravan. Riaan Heldinger, the designer

Words and images by Theo and Ester Kleinhans We left Pretoria in early February this year, heading for the eastern Free State, with our Sprite Sprint hitched up behind our Nissan X-Trail. Our aim was to explore Seekoeivlei at Memel, the Ingula hydroelectric power station under construction, and visit the festival at Rosendal over the Valentines’ weekend. We travelled on the N3 to Villiers, and from there on the R34 via Cornelia and Vrede to Memel, a distance of about 350 km. The road between Vrede and Memel is under construction (destruction) with a couple of ‘stop/go’ arrangements. What’s left

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