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Elephant Sands Uwe Bockmann

Unfenced in Africa

WHERE WE LEFT OFF Australian couple Uwe Bockmann and Meg Stuart are almost halfway through…

Travel: Chobe Safari

‘A safari in the traditional style… an unhurried journey.’ This is how Jannie Rykaart described the trip he had planned for us.

Travel: Three Weeks, Three Countries

My wife, Angela, and I initially intended to do a trip to Namibia and Botswana on our own, towing our Fendt caravan and sticking mostly to tar roads

Beautiful Botswana

We spent four nights and three whole days in this exquisite part of Botswana – the Chobe River has a unique charm and enchantment. From sunrise to sunset (and everything inbetween) can be summed up in one word – exceptional.

Botswana On a budget

In search of an African adventure, but not so keen on breaking the bank to make it happen? Derik le Grange and his family set about exploring the diamond in the African crown, Botswana, and they did it all on a very modest budget!