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Caravan Travel Stories

Dis Moz nou lekker!

The novelist Douglas Adams famously said: “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they

The call of the Karoo

The Karoo National Park is surely one of the best-kept national parks in South Africa.

5 resorts in Kosi Bay

“You’re a travel journalist, what is your favourite spot in South Africa?” I was recently

Unplanned adventure

With our Isuzu KB350 and Dessert Runner rooftop tent on our self-customised trailer, we tackled

60 days in Namibia

After putting our tour itinerary together to fish the five rivers which border Namibia –

Kalahari to coast

I guess that most of us diehard campers have a dream campsite that seems to

Summer in the Cederberg

Some 16 years ago, I mooched around the length and breadth of South Africa for three months in a Land Rover Discovery II.

boteti ferry

Beauty at the Boteti

I was fast asleep, but woke to a tremendous racket. The sound of tins (or something) clattering about was interspersed with a series of loud grunts and snuffles.

Camp and hike the Garden Route

Whether you prefer camping next to the river, in the forest, or at the ocean, there’s something for everyone in the Garden Route National Park.

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