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New motorhome: Custom build by Motorhome-World Pictures by Godfrey Castle & Stuart Reichardt The first time we experienced this custom-built motorhome was at a trade show. At every demonstration of its unique features, a big crowd would gather around to “ooh” and “aah” at Motorhome-World’s creation. Now, a few months later, we’ve had the opportunity to take a closer look at “Big Al”, which is short for Alexandra David-Néel – but more on the name later. You can’t get a real feel for a big rig like this when it’s standing on a showroom floor: you need to get it

The name of the company says it all: Custom Campers. Every vehicle that rolls out of Fred Oosthuizen’s factory in Meyerton is one of a kind. Each hand-built after numerous consultations and cups of coffee with his client. I have shared the story and pictures of factory, now I need to share the story of one of Fred’s clients, Giel and Antjie Nel from Pretoria. Fred and Antjie live in one of those lovely upmarket complexes that are dotted around the bushveld bedecked stone koppies of Pretoria north. I popped in for a chat and to take pictures of their

The first time I met Henk Blaauw, he pulled into the parking lot in front of our office, his camping unit loaded onto the thundering V6 Hilux Raider.

The Jouberts began visualising their dream motorhome ages ago, putting their years of research, observation and travel experience into the build. “We had an Abba camper before this, and an AHA before that, and we also had an Echo Chobe before that,” says Jannie Joubert, a third-generation wine farmer and owner of Skilpadvlei in Stellenbosch. “We visited several manufacturers during that time, and we decided on AC Motorhomes after seeing what they had done with a Land Cruiser 100. We chose the bigger 200 Series because it has coil spring suspension and a much softer ride. “We have just returned

Fresh back from touring Scotland in a hired motorhome (and having owned a Jurgens Pioneer some years back), I find that I have developed a renewed interest in motorhomes.

The Navi is the smallest unit in the Travelstar range. The first time I had an up-close look at the unit was at the Beeld Holiday Show earlier in the year …

Halsema. The name will send shivers down the spine of those who know it. For those who don’t, here a brief description of all you need to know: Halsema is a highway in the Philippines, and is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in the world. It’s a fitting choice of name for the latest unit to come out of the Motorhome-World factory − a creation built to conquer the toughest the world could throw at it. But conquer it in comfort and luxury… and with some tech to knock your socks off. Yeah, this behemoth will

Your first time of laying eyes upon the latest creation to roll from the Custom Campers workshop might very well draw gasps of awe from you. First of all, there’s the sheer size of the thing: long, tall, and wide, it carries a physical presence second to none. Secondly, this vehicle really seems to have it all. It’s a comprehensively-equipped overland vehicle that also boasts all the comforts you’d expect in a high-tech, luxurious motorhome. Words & Pictures by Martin Pretorius That’s the nice thing about commissioning a custom-built camping vehicle: it can be whatever you want it to be,

This project started off somewhere in June 2014, when I saw the article on Howard Langley’s building of his own motor home. I had always had the urge to build my own camper, and when I saw Howard’s invitation to contact him for more information and advice, I did just that. By Eddie Joubert I also did some research and found that the vehicle Howard used, a Fiat Ducato, is equipped with a very reliable Iveco 2.3 Turbo diesel motor which is very economical with fuel. I bought a mediumsized high-roof version and started off with the project. My wife

Most motorhomes on the market have small entrance doors, and even in some panel-van motorhomes the door opening is reduced by cupboards. I find that this creates a claustrophobic atmosphere inside. To me, the attraction of the panel van is the wide door; so, when sitting inside, I am in full contact with the surrounding nature. That’s why I wanted to modify my motorhome myself. I chose the Nissan NV350 Wide. As there is not enough width for an island bed, I planned for two lengthwise beds in the back with thick 150mm mattresses. The beds had to be permanent,

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