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A jaw-dropping experience. This is the only way I can describe my getting to know the Mobi Lodge Caravan. Words & Images Richard Van Ryneveld At first sight, what catches the eye is the aerodynamic nose and big black window on the driver’s side. But it’s when the Mobi Lodge opens up that you really see how special this caravan is. Almost the entire right-hand side of the unit slides out, which basically doubles your interior space. And did we mention that it’s ready to go off-road? That’s right, this luxury caravan can go almost anywhere your 4×4 can. This

The first thing that struck me, as I entered the Spinmet factory where the XCamper is made, was a large white glider hanging from the roof. Within minutes of meeting Dave Mortimer, who designed and manufactures the XCamper, I discovered that he was an aeronautical draughtsman by profession. This explained the BJ4 glider, which he had helped build and design some 40 years before. Words & Images Richard van Ryneveld Dave’s actual business is making contract furniture, specialising in seating. The factory consists of quite a few disciplines: a workshop, a fibreglass shop, a steel shop and an upholstery shop.

We woke before dawn to a crisp and dry Karoo morning. Out here the word “crisp” is not far from meaning “freezing”, so we donned our beanies, woollen gloves and snow jackets, and stepped out into the still-dark outside world. I find that there is nothing as rewarding as watching the blackness of a starry, starry night give way to the crack of dawn – when the sky starts to lighten in the east, and the sun casts its ever increasing glow over a landscape that, in this instance, appears to be from somewhere Mother Nature has simply forgotten about.

Ever wanted a seaside cottage, one where you can spend more time soaking up the sun and less time doing home maintenance? Then consider this a solution… Holiday homes might seem like living the good life, but they require constant maintenance, and there is probably a garden that requires a garden service so that you are not greeted with an overgrown jungle when you arrive for the holidays. The brick-and-mortar holiday home is a bottomless pit and normally the first asset to be sold when the economy turns bad! So if you are into having good holidays, then surely a

It may be an odd way to begin the review of the Sensation Anee caravan which I recently tested, but I think it’s important that I begin with Riaan Van Helsdingen, the designer and builder of the Sensation caravan range. Riaan is a maverick; perhaps even an ‘outlier’. Words & Images Richard van Ryneveld That term comes from a book of the same title by Malcolm Gladwell, in which he asks what makes high achievers different. One review summed up this title as follows: ‘His answer is that we pay too much attention to what successful people are like, and

Caravan reviews can be solitary affairs. A staffer will be handed the keys to the new caravan and they’ll go off and test the unit, perhaps taking some friends or family along for the ride.

Want to increase your status in the world of caravan ownership? Until recently nothing on the South African caravan market offered the levels of style and comfort found in the Fendt Brillant range of caravans – a range that just happens to include one of the winners of the European Caravan Design awards for 2010/2011! This luxury home on wheels is now available in South Africa. Though Fendt Caravans South Africa (Pty) Ltd also offers a lower-priced range of caravans with the Bianco and Saphir lines, the Brillant 650 is the one with the wow factor; we were in absolute

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