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  HAKUSEMBE Wanneer die mannetjie en wyfie Swamp Bou-Bou (Moeraswaterfiskaal) roep na mekaar, dan weet ons, ons is by die groot riviere van Namibië – die Groot Okavango waarvan Annelie van Rooyen sing. Ons is vanoggend vroeg uit Swakopmund en slaap ons die eerste aand by Hakusembe se kamp terrein, by die Kavangorivier, wes van Rundu. Sover soos ons gery het, is die wêreld groen en dis ongelooflik hoe groot die bome is hier naby die rivier. In die Otavi-vallei met sy pragtige groen berge en rante word die prentjie vervolmaak met ‘n heerlike reëntjie. By Mururani-hek is ons altyd

  Vir jare lank het ons gedroom oor ‘n avontuur in ‘n ryhuis, maar dit nog nooit werklikheid gemaak nie… tot hierdie jaar! Die dag voor ons vertrek op ons reis gaan haal ons die ryhuis (wat ons huur) by Maui in Kaapstad. Met eerste oogopslag lyk dit vir ons baie groot, maar dis te verstane as jy in ag neem wat jy alles kry: ‘n outomatiese motor ten volle toegerus met alle beddegoed, breekware, messeware, ‘n gasstoof, yskas, opwasbak en hope pakplek vir al jou kruideniersware en klere. Daar is ook ‘n stort, toilet en klein wasbakkie, lugreling voor

  This is a story of my husband, who previously only loved staying in hotels, B&B’s and guesthouses because he appreciated the luxury these offered him. In 2019 we decided to plan a camping holiday in Namibia and purchased a second-hand Tentco rooftop tent to “test the waters”, and if he didn’t enjoy it, we would book into other accommodation and sell the rooftop tent. After 31 continuous days of rooftop tenting through Namibia, we arrived back in Cape Town and immediately went searching for a trailer with a rooftop tent because he had enjoyed it so much we decided

      There’s something about being a Conqueror Commander owner – it’s not about your status, or just being a caravaner taking a break… it’s a lifestyle and all about the adventure. The amazing thing about the Conqueror range of caravans is the look, the ruggedness, even simply the colour blending in with the African scenery around you. You can actually park your Commander anywhere and it will be an adventurous photo! Our travelling experience has also proved that people are more prone to looking twice at a passing Conqueror than any other brand of caravan, it simply has

  Approximately five years ago I received a phone call from a good friend, Manie Kriel, who at that time was residing in Phalaborwa working as an estate agent. Manie mentioned a deceased estate that needed to be finalized and that there were a few old cars in the estate. I am a keen collector of old classic cars and at that time I already had a few classics in my collection. Long story short, I paid a visit to the site and low and behold I purchased a “golden oldie” – a ’65 Gypsey caravan, which was known as

The life of a bowler, who is also a camper, is never dull. My husband and I are retired and we travel full time with our caravan. Once a year, we pitch up at ATKV Eiland Spa, on the southern banks of the Letaba River in Limpopo. This is a fantastic resort, with loads of activities to keep us busy for weeks, or even months. We play tennis, jukskei, hoefie, and of course, bowling! Let me tell you, lawn bowls is not just picking up a little black ball, aiming and rolling. It takes skill. And these days, there are

I have been collecting Caravan & Outdoor Life every month for a number of years and follow the journeys of all the journalists and magical articles from the many readers. The monthly hunt to get the next edition is a reward equal to finding the next great place or road to travel. There are many wonderful camping facilities in our fabulous country for campers to spend some leisure time relaxing. It is perhaps not a coincidence that the articles in the magazine provokes the mind into adding to the bucket list endlessly. This, for me, is the beauty of camping

We are retired, non-smokers, and experienced motorhomers. Kathleen was a teacher and a horticulturist, and Kevin designed motorhomes for Swagman on Caddie from 1995, and has 23 years of motorhome experience. We spend half the year in our motorhome and the rest of the time in our garden. We are interested in doing a motorhome swap with an owner in South Africa. What is a motorhome swap? Let’s start at the beginning… We were doing a 14-day cruise from Brisbane round both North and South Island of New Zealand. Our ship had called in at the beautiful harbour of Akaroa

Having been avid readers of your excellent publication over the last few years, and having had the opportunity to travel our wonderful country for a few years, we thought it prudent to pass on some of our thoughts to your readers − especially those thinking of taking to the road for some time to explore, as we did. After retirement, we no longer wished to live in the busy hub of Gauteng with its traffic and other unnecessary day-to-day stress-inducing ways of life, especially after I’d had my heart bypass which was the result of such stress. We sold our

A few years ago, I installed 3 X 102Ah batteries under the bed on the right hand side in my Sherpa Tiny, connected to a total of 265W of solar panels on the roof and the side. I still wanted to check the difference in weight on the two wheels so as to make corrections in the balance across the Tiny. I haven’t had any problems towing, but it is good to know if there is a possible imbalance. I did install one of Alko’s anti-sway hitches a couple of years ago and that might be the reason why the

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