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Words and photos by Johan Schronen A custom-made camper on the back of his bakkie is a win-win camping solution for iconic rally driver Serge Damseaux, who in his racing days also knew only one way to end a rally: as the winner. Serge, one of South Africa’s rally icons, has won more South African championship rallies than anyone in history, driving a Toyota. He’s also an ardent camper – and he does that in a Toyota too! After bowing out of motorsport competition in 2007 with 74 wins under his belt, Serge hit the road again, but this time

Words and photos by Mark Samuel No matter your choice of vehicle, heading out camping just became a whole lot simpler – assuming you’re equipped with a new Overcamp rooftop tent, that is. And then there’s also the view … Let’s start with the nitty-gritty about this tent. First, it takes up no space inside your car, trailer or caravan, while still providing room for two adults to sleep in complete comfort. And the reason it takes up no space is because it’s mounted on your roofrack. Second, and probably most important, you don’t have to head out to buy

By Johan Schronen and Mark Samuel Have tough turbo-diesel – will tow! Not so fast, it’s not that straightforward. There’s a host of variables and restrictions that must be factored into your towing combination equation. But never fear, all will become clear… In order to tow legally and safely, there are several factors you need to consider. Start by learning what the towing and load specifications of your tow vehicle are, and its towbar rating, as well as the specifications of your caravan or trailer. These figures will help you determine whether your towing combination is legal – or a potential

By Alexandra Davidge Why settle for fast food while on the road when you can feed your soul as well as your tummy? Break your journey at one of these farm stalls. As a community of holidaymakers who cover hundreds of kilometres of tar as a matter of course, campers know that a good road journey sets the tone for a holiday. We might not have control over potholes, the volume of traffic, long waits at the stop/go lollipops crisscrossing the countryside or how often the little people in our vehicles need a loo, but we can at least choose

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