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With tasty origins right from sunny South Africa, malva pudding is always a sweet family favourite. It contains healthy dollops of apricot jam and has a spongy caramelized texture. Thick sweetened cream, custard or ice cream should be poured liberally the malva pudding while it is hot, for the most pleasurable dessert experience to tickle your taste buds… every single time. Ingredients Standard 2L Remoska cooker Grand 4L Remoska cooker Sugar, Caster 180g 270g Eggs 2 3 Jam, apricot 1tbsp 2tbsp Butter, Melted 1tbsp 1 ½ tbsp Vinegar, white wine 1tsp 1 ½tsp Flour, plain 150g 225g Bicarbonate of soda

Even if you’re not Irish, soda bread is so simple to bake and makes a delicious addition to any get together or braai. Follow our easy recipe here and wow your friends with your baking abilities. Nobody needs to know that only four ingredients are required. For the Grand, double the ingredients and make two loaves to fit the pan. Cook for approx. 40-45 minutes. Ingredients Standard 2L or Grand 4L Remoska cooker Flour, plain 225g Flour, wholemeal 225g Salt 1tsp Bicarbonate of soda 2tsp Cream of tartar 2tsp Butter or lard 40g Sugar, Caster 1tsp Milk 350ml Method Sieve

Method Lightly rub sieved flour and the chilled butter together to a fine crumb stage. Mix together the egg yolk, cream and brandy. Add to the crumb mixture to form a pastry, do not overmix. Chill in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Roll out thinly, this is best done a small amount at a time as the pastry is so rich it may be difficult to handle. With a 6cm (2 ½ inch) cutter cut circles and place into tin foil cases. Fill with 2 teaspoons of your favourite mincemeat. Roll out more pastry and cut smaller circles for the

Method Sieve together the flour and baking powder. Rub in the margarine, add the sugar and sultanas. Whisk the egg and milk together, make a hollow in the flour and pour the liquid in, saving a small amount for brushing the tops. Mix lightly and toll out to approx. 2cm (1inch) thickness. Cut out with a 6cm (2 ½ inch) cutter, brush the scones with the remaining milk/egg mix. Place in Remoska and cook for approx. 15-20 minutes to pale gold. Best served warm, sandwiched with whipped cream and jam. Ingredients Standard 2L Remoska cooker Grand 4L Remoska cooker Flour,

Turn that lockdown frown upside down with a top-quality burger created right there in your kitchen, or when you go on your next camping trip. These recipes were provided by the South African Mushroom Farmers’ Association and there is even a  Vegan-friendly as well as a Vegetarian option you can try. DOUBLE MUSHROOM CHEESEBURGERS SERVES 2 INGREDIENTS 4 big mushrooms 5ml oil 15ml bbq sauce salt and milled black pepper 2 beef or chicken burgers, cooked 2 cheese slices (optional) 1 red onion, sliced 1 tomato, sliced a few lettuce leaves 30ml mayonnaise METHOD Preheat the oven to 200°C. Lightly

Last month’s magazine was its 60th birthday, a fact we did not realise until Geoff Courtis from Natal Caravans and Marine called to say, “Hey, it’s your 60th!” Caravan and Outdoor Life shares the same birth year as Natal Caravans and Marine making them – and us – the oldest in the industry, still owned by the same families. Both companies are run by third-generation Courtises and Castles, and this issue marks the 696th issue we have published. No other media company can beat us on experience or industry knowledge. Today we reach no fewer than 121 040 people through

The wild horses that freely roam the wetlands of the Rooisand Nature reserve just 5km outside of Kleinmond, in the Overstrand-area, decided to venture closer and closer to the town’s main beach and left many locals surprised this morning (21 May 2020) when they were spotted during the Covid-19 Level 4 exercise time period. The horses who normally don’t come so close to the town looked very at ease when locals gathered around to take pictures of this surreal sighting. These horses are very special and are the only herd of wild horses that occupy a wetland habitat in the

The resort of the month: April/May 2020 Location: Rawsonville, Slanghoek, Western Cape One thing you will enjoy is the pristine campsite with a backdrop of willow trees set in beautifully scenic surroundings. We were blown away on our arrival at Slanghoek Mountain Resort, situated close to Rawsonville, as it is such a beautiful place established in a picture-perfect setting. Surrounded by the Slanghoek Mountains – that looks like a cutout from a landscape in an award-winning coffee table book – the Slanghoek campsite is certainly one of the most picturesque places I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. The main Slanghoek

Readers’ problems solved. Our experts answer your technical questions & give camping advice. The winning letter: ISUZU 3.0L MANUAL DOUBLE CAB 2017 In 2017 we had much drama with our Chev Captiva 2.0l automatic. Many readers offered advice as to what to do, so, to cut a long story short, on 9/1/2018 we traded in the Captiva and replaced it with an Isuzu 3.0l double-cab manual. All I can say is what a wonderful vehicle this is. I am not a heavy-footed driver and usually cruise at 100-110km/h and sometimes 120 when it warrants it. At this speed, I record

We know that you are longing to travel and visit your favourite destinations, and we can’t change that, but at least you can read our April/May issue, which is filled with interesting and informative articles that will keep you occupied during the national lockdown. 1. The Caravan Show 2020 What grows exponentially every year, is 15 000m², has over 900 exhibitors with more than 350 companies displaying their wares? You guessed it… the 2020 Caravan Show that took place at Gallagher Estate in Johannesburg from 21 – 23 February. Bringing you the latest and greatest in motorhomes, caravans, and off-road

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