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Remoska surprises us with another amazingly tasty dish and this time it’s one that includes everyone’s favourite ~ Bacon! The recipe is easy enough to follow with most of the wait time down to baking. It’s a simple recipe giving you more time to kick back, relax and enjoy those summer rays. Ingredients Standard Grand Back bacon rashers 8-10 16-20 Sausage meat 500g 1kg Chicken breast, boneless, skinless 2 4 Salt and pepper 1tbsp 2tbsp Thyme, chopped Method: Lay the beacon rashers down the centre of the large sheet of non-stick baking paper. Pat half the sausage meat in an

The best season of the year has finally come around again and with it comes the need for a light dinner idea that keeps you less in the kitchen and more in the outdoor sun. With a 15 – 20 minute bake time and a pretty straight forward prep the Remoska Fish Parcels recipe will have you back in the sun in no time. Ingredients Standard Grand Plaice fillet 4 6 Salt and pepper Lemon juice 4tbsp 6tbsp Cider 4tbsp 6tbsp Parsley, chopped 4tbsp 6tbsp Thyme sprigs 4 6 Tomatoes 4 6 Method: Cut 4x30cm squares of non-stick baking paper.

Anybody who has published a chocolate cake recipe boasts that theirs is best but not all can say that they baked theirs in a Remoska electric cooker while camping & caravanning in the great outdoors. Why stop at supper when you can throw in a little dessert ~ who thinks of calories on holidays anyway! This recipe is simple and easy to follow and doubles as edutainment for little hands. Ingredients: Standard Butter: 225g Sugar, caster: 225g Eggs: 4 Flour, self raising: 225g Cocoa powder: 50g For the topping: Chocolate, plain: 150g Cream, double: 50ml Method: Cream the butter, sugar

On the night of 24 March 1944, one of the largest and most daring escape attempts took place. It was World War 2 and more than 200 allied soldiers made a pact to escape the German prisoner of war camp, Stalag Luft III. They dug three massive tunnels, named Tom, Dick & Harry, hoping one of them would lead to their freedom – and indeed, one of them, (Harry) did! 76 people were able to escape but only 3 managed to evade capture. As life would have it, the mastermind behind this great escape, was a 24-year-old, South African born,

The further one travels into Botswana, the more alone one is but the less alone one feels. “Why is this?”, I ask myself as we travel along in a happy silence on some of the loneliest roads in Africa. Even the music playing softly in the background gets too much. I switch it off and Arthur, my husband, gives me “the look”. But he knows better than to say anything and we just smile at each other and carry on. We both love the bush with a passion and need to go often. After every trip I feel as though

Being thorough as I am, I decide to compare what I know to the infinite wisdom of Google, and confidently typed in “How to Choose a Tent for Camping in Africa”. Pages and pages of info comes up. All incredibly helpful and insightful – if you’re going to a caravan park on the south coast where your biggest issue is whether you have enough space to play ‘snakes and ladders’ should it rain, and whether the tent is waterproof. If I had been Joe Soap Newbie, I would have been completely taken in – rather fancying the somewhat startling array

I, Dr Nkosazana Diamini Zuma, Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, designated under section 3 of the Disaster Management Act, 2002 (Act No. 57 of 2002), having declared a national state of disaster, published in Government Gazette No. 43096 of 15 March 2020, and extended by Government Notices Nos. 646 of 5 June 2020 and 765 of 13 July 2020, hereby in terms of section 27(2) of the Disaster Management Act, 2002, after consultation with the relevant Cabinet members, make the Regulations in the Schedule. Definitions 1. In these Regulations, “the Regulations” means the regulations published by Government Notice

Caravan & Outdoor Life joins some of South Africa’s leading herpetologists in the Maputaland region to find rare species and teach the local rural residents how to react to snakes. With Opposite Lock on board, we’re all set to strike at a moment’s notice… I was damn glad that tonight we were looking for frogs and aquatic stuff in a croaking and groaning swamp, rather than rare snakes! I knew my companions would go ape if they found a deadly twig snake or mamba but, for now, I was happy the hunt was on for other goggas. I had met

Bobotie is a favourite South African baked dish consisting of mincemeat and various spices to add the necessary tang, with a delicious egg-based topping. It’s comfort food at its best! Bobotie is served with yellow rice, which gets its colour from the addition of turmeric, and early recipes included lemon rind, ginger and even marjoram. Some bobotie recipes incorporate raisins and a walnut garnish. Ingredients: Quantities shown are for the Remoska Grand 1 Medium Onion 15 ml oil 5 ml curry powder 5 ml sugar 5 ml apricot jam 1 small green apple grated 60 ml wine vinegar 500 gms

After whisking all the delicious ingredients together, stand back and watch as your Remoska all-in-one cooker does the rest. The magic coconut pie is a sweet delight of coconut toppings and custard filling with bottom crust for the necessary texture. Serve it warm, straight out of your cooker and wait for those who come back for a second helping. Ingredients Standard 2L Remoska cooker Grand 4L Remoska cooker Eggs 4 6 Butter, Melted 50g 75g Sugar, Caster 110g 175g Flour, self-raising 75g 150g Salt, pinch Milk 425ml 635ml Desiccated coconut 110g 175g Vanilla extract 1tsp 1 ½tsp Method Whisk all

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