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I’ve had this dream and I’m sure it is shared by many intrepid adventures out there: To pack up everything and escape the hustle and bustle of city life. To stop living to work – not even working to live – and to start really living. To get a motorhome and travel around in, or to sail around the world on a cheap yacht. Craig and Linda Evens were one of those couples who found themselves stuck in a rat race, wanting to get out, wanting to travel but not knowing how. They then decided to just do it. They

  HAKUSEMBE Wanneer die mannetjie en wyfie Swamp Bou-Bou (Moeraswaterfiskaal) roep na mekaar, dan weet ons, ons is by die groot riviere van Namibië – die Groot Okavango waarvan Annelie van Rooyen sing. Ons is vanoggend vroeg uit Swakopmund en slaap ons die eerste aand by Hakusembe se kamp terrein, by die Kavangorivier, wes van Rundu. Sover soos ons gery het, is die wêreld groen en dis ongelooflik hoe groot die bome is hier naby die rivier. In die Otavi-vallei met sy pragtige groen berge en rante word die prentjie vervolmaak met ‘n heerlike reëntjie. By Mururani-hek is ons altyd

  Vir jare lank het ons gedroom oor ‘n avontuur in ‘n ryhuis, maar dit nog nooit werklikheid gemaak nie… tot hierdie jaar! Die dag voor ons vertrek op ons reis gaan haal ons die ryhuis (wat ons huur) by Maui in Kaapstad. Met eerste oogopslag lyk dit vir ons baie groot, maar dis te verstane as jy in ag neem wat jy alles kry: ‘n outomatiese motor ten volle toegerus met alle beddegoed, breekware, messeware, ‘n gasstoof, yskas, opwasbak en hope pakplek vir al jou kruideniersware en klere. Daar is ook ‘n stort, toilet en klein wasbakkie, lugreling voor

When it comes to innovation in the caravan industry, one of the first names that come to mind is definitely Nayela. The brand exploded onto the market in 2019 with the launch of their first caravan, the Okapi, at the Caravan Camp & Destination Show. In fact, back then we described the Nayela Okapi as “one of the most talked-about new caravans”, and the article has since been read tens of thousands of times online. For those who have not had a chance to see the Okapi, we have some good news and some bad news… the bad news, in

Nelson Mandela once said: “Nothing is impossible until it’s done,” and this is exactly what a group of passionate scientists and concerned conservationists found out as they successfully released over 400 endangered Pickersgill’s reed frogs into wetland habitats in KwaZulu-Natal. To celebrate their success and to celebrate United Nations’ World Frog Day, PPL°WX – People°sWeather (DStv Ch180) and Openview (DStv Ch115), will broadcast the documentary 400 Frogs on Saturday, March 20 at 18:00. This marks the second original documentary from PPL°WX – People°sWeather. Last year, the channel worked with the Johannesburg Zoo to produce the three part series Makokou, a

  One of the biggest events on any caravanner or campers diary, The Caravan Show at Gallagher Convention Centre, has unfortunately been cancelled for 2021. The Caravan Show has always been the highlight of the year within the caravan, motorhome, trailer and outdoor industry and the organiser’s decision to postpone the 2021 show reflects the severity and far-reaching repercussions that the Covid-19 pandemic is having on businesses in South Africa and across the world.    Show organiser Hampie De Kock tells Caravan & Outdoor Life that the decision to call off the event was not made lightly, but they felt it

  This is a story of my husband, who previously only loved staying in hotels, B&B’s and guesthouses because he appreciated the luxury these offered him. In 2019 we decided to plan a camping holiday in Namibia and purchased a second-hand Tentco rooftop tent to “test the waters”, and if he didn’t enjoy it, we would book into other accommodation and sell the rooftop tent. After 31 continuous days of rooftop tenting through Namibia, we arrived back in Cape Town and immediately went searching for a trailer with a rooftop tent because he had enjoyed it so much we decided

      There’s something about being a Conqueror Commander owner – it’s not about your status, or just being a caravaner taking a break… it’s a lifestyle and all about the adventure. The amazing thing about the Conqueror range of caravans is the look, the ruggedness, even simply the colour blending in with the African scenery around you. You can actually park your Commander anywhere and it will be an adventurous photo! Our travelling experience has also proved that people are more prone to looking twice at a passing Conqueror than any other brand of caravan, it simply has

Every time I drive into the premises of Motorhome-World, I get a tingling of excitement because I know that I am going to see something exciting. My latest visit was no different – as usual, the latest custom motorhome to come out of the factory was standing waiting in the parking area. It doesn’t take more than a second or two to notice a couple of interesting design elements on the brand new Sprinter: first, there are the bubble windows on the sides at the back of the van, and then there’s the custom-shaped roof rack which spans the entire

South Africa is a beautiful combination of scenic beauty and uncompromising ruggedness. A place where risk equals reward as you dare to discover new routes and destinations. Your equipment selection is vital on adventures as you want peace of mind that what you chose is going to go the distance. The same applies for mobile phones. You want a rugged phone that you can take outdoors for hiking, hunting, fishing or camping. A phone that is is at home in the dust, mud, water or mist as it is in your pocket. You need a worry-free phone that can handle

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