Tree Tags

images/Businesses/treetags Tree Tags is an environmentally friendly organisation that supplies durable tree name tags customised


images/Businesses/wonderchem Wonderchem provides customers with a variety of high-performance speciality Camp cleaning chemicals. Our products

Tyreco TPMS

VALOR 6 WHEEL TYRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM A wireless Dashboard Diplay that displays 4 or 6

Bush Nest 4X4 Trailers

Bush Nest is a unique, purpose-built 4×4 off-road camping trailer. Bush Nest will also build

Liddle’s Caravans And Canvas

Caravan service, repairs, revamps, modifications, appliance fitment e.g. fridge, microwave, aircon Canvas tents, added rooms,

Eddies Caravan Services

Maintenance and repairs on caravans, boats and trailers. Wheel bearings and brakes. Hella plugs, brad


Rear view camera systems for trailers and caravans. Wireless or cable option available. We also

Mellon Camp

Manufacturers of quality, affordable camping equipment. Specialise in manufacturing Canvas Dome Tents, mattresses and chairs for

African Safari Guru

African Safari Guru is a South Africa based Travel & Management Company with a passion

The Holiday-Spot

At The Holiday Spot we aim to promote holiday spots around South Africa. We are

Bosal Afrika

Bosal is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of car exhaust systems referred to as

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