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Just imagine a child growing up without ever having left suburbia! Imagine having never seen and experienced the Garden Route, the Drakensberg, the Kruger National Park or the Richtersveld. Imagine not having learned how to make a braai fire, go fishing, or run barefoot on the beach! Modern children are captured by technology and need a balance in life. Nature’s creepy-crawlies can be fascinating, and an outdoor lifestyle can encourage children to consider careers in travel, bio-diversity and engineering – all interests and talents nurtured by the outdoors. A caravan is the ideal means for a family to rediscover Southern Africa

When it comes to caravanning, there are things you do, and things you don’t do.  You do allow extra space when cornering and overtaking, you do check the nose weight and torque wheel nuts regularly, and you do watch out for width and height restrictions, etc. What you don’t do is overload your caravan, or tow a caravan that is too heavy for your vehicle. But, in an age of fake news, gossip and rampant rumour-spreading, it comes as no surprise that there are also a few myths about towing. These can cause trouble and confusion in both inexperienced and

The drawbar is an integral and critical part of any trailer. It serves the function of housing the coupler so that it can be towed and it maintains the balance of the trailer. The drawbar improves the rigidity of the chassis and assists in keeping the trailer running correctly in a straight line behind the tow vehicle. Typically there are quite a few types of drawbar design but the A frame drawbar is most commonly used in South Africa and the rest of the world. A robust drawbar needs to have good strength both vertically and horizontally and be able

Not a week goes by in which I don’t hear people discussing, or even arguing, about towing licences. Whether it’s an innocuous question from a first-time caravanner, such as, “What code licence do I need to tow a Penta?” or someone trying to gyppo the system by claiming that you can use a C1 licence to tow a Mobi Lodge, the discussions pop up again and again. That’s why, in this article, I’m going to try clear it all up, and back it up with what is stated in the actual Road Traffic Act, including up-to-date regulation changes. WHAT LICENCE

There’s a brand new caravan on the South African market. Flying in under the radar of a company called Profibre Products – a specialist composite manufacturer of bus, truck and train components – the new Stealth Evo XR6 caravan was launched. Caravan & Outdoor Life, together with a few selected dealers from Natal, Gauteng and the Cape, attended the official press launch of STEALTH CARAVANS, based in Pinetown (Durban). The EVO XR6 is an upmarket 3-berth pop-top on-road caravan aimed specifically at the most popular size of caravan range, a gap left largely vacant by shenanigans going on in the

If you’ve ever wanted to travel in a motorhome, or maybe even if you are already living the lifestyle, you might have heard talk of different classes of motorhomes. These classifications often causes confusion in South Africa, since internationally (Europe vs UK vs America) the different classes have different names. In Europe they refer to the classes as “panelvan”, “semi-integral” and “integral”, while in America it’s is simply classified as Class A, B, and C. Meanwhile, in the UK you get “low-profile” and “Luton-type” classes. Where does that leave us South Africans? Well, somewhere in between Europe and the UK…

Cara-Sure product offers specialist insurance cover for Leisure Vehicles such as caravans, camper trailers and motorhomes. Motorhomes are perhaps one of the most complicated vehicles to insure in South Africa simply because no trade and retail values exist and the insured must rely on the motorhome manufacturer to offer a value. The good news is that CaraValue is a company that was registered two years ago that addresses this very problem and provides official insurance values of all motorhomes in South Africa, including imported ones. Motorhomes are normally “low risk” vehicles and the premiums are substantially lower than a standard vehicle, simply because motorhomes are

After many years of out and about camping in anything from tents, caravans, campers and motorhomes, I have learnt that people are extremely loyal to their particular brand of “house on the road”. And especially fiercely loyal are the Sherpa owners. This light maneuverable all fiberglass caravan can be towed by almost any small sedan. Putting one of the larger variants, the Rambler, to the test (Caravan & Outdoor Life – November 2016), I was particularly impressed with the build quality, strength and roominess of this seemingly small caravan. In fact, in my review I compared its interior to a

Caravan, Motor, Touristik − also known as CMT − is the world’s largest public leisure and tourism trade fair, showcasing over a thousand vehicles and a myriad of accessories and holiday packages to travellers each year. Manufacturers from all over Europe converge in Stuttgart, Germany, to show off their best work, competing to produce the most innovative motorhomes, caravans and recreational vehicles in the world. This year, the event’s 50th anniversary, showcased some truly remarkable (and expensive) vehicles, the likes of which are seldom seen here in South Africa. The sheer scale We were given access to the event a

There could be a big change on the horizon for motorists. The National Assembly has passed the latest Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) amendment bill. The bill aims to introduce new road traffic violation rules, removing the courts from the AARTO process and replacing them with a dedicated authority. And, if passed, it’s going to affect you in several ways. Chief among these is the introduction of the ‘Demerit System’ that has been in the legislative pipeline since 1998. Contrary to what some may tell you, it will not be replacing the current fines system. Instead, it’s an additional measure that

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