Caravan Review: Sprite Sprint


Ever wanted a seaside cottage, one where you can spend more time soaking up the sun and less time doing home maintenance? Then consider this a solution…

Holiday homes might seem like living the good life, but they require constant maintenance, and there is probably a garden that requires a garden service so that you are not greeted with an overgrown jungle when you arrive for the holidays. The brick-and-mortar holiday home is a bottomless pit and normally the first asset to be sold when the economy turns bad!

So if you are into having good holidays, then surely a caravan such as the Sprite Sprint makes absolute sense, especially since owning a caravan requires very little input from you, and it means you can spend vacations in various places.

The revamped Sprite Sprint is simply a beach cottage on wheels – its focus is on you spending your precious leisure time barefoot on the beach rather than wielding a paintbrush.

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