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Caravan Review: Sprite BacTrax


Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes, now incorporating Safari Centre West Rand, have developed an exciting new caravan product to supplement the “rough-road” sector of the Jurgens Ci product range.

Using the existing Sprite Sprint and Swing models, the team at Kennis developed the unique adventure products proudly known as the BacTrax. The range comes in five versions: Two versions of the Sprite Sprint BacTrax, and three versions of the Sprite Swing BacTrax.

Words & images by Richard Van Ryneveld

Kennis Caravan and Motorhomes owner Allan Vos says: ‘We have identified the need for crossover touring caravans, but with the luxury of a fixed island double bed and other home comforts, which is a first in the country in this market sector.

“This winning concept is available in five different configurations. The Sprint-based version has a single bed for a third person that doubles up as a dining nook, or with a washroom in the rear. The Swing-based versions, called the BacTrax B and the BacTrax S, are slightly larger as they have a double dinette at the rear; or, in the case of the S, a washroom/WC, or with a hot water shower, inside or outside”

With the BacTrax range of caravans, Kennis offers the extra safety of a closed environment, as well as valuable space to move around freely inside and around the bed, which is a huge plus for extended adventure travel – something that is not possible with many other options on the broader market.

Sprite Bactrax Images

This tough caravan boasts a heavy-duty axle, large 15-inch wheels for increased ground clearance, and modifications to the caravan’s body protection components, to ensure that it can withstand even the toughest gravel roads. There are also modifications to ensure dust-proof travel on those long, dusty roads to remote destinations.

Outside modification options for 12V and 220V connections and lighting, as well as any combinations of canvas products from Safari Centre West Rand’s in-house manufacturing division, are open-ended options.

The Sprite BacTrax range incorporates a 12V charging system to keep your 80L Engel fridge going whilst on the move. In addition, there is a fitted microwave oven, as well as an outside kitchen which includes a wash-up facility with running water, and (on the inside) an extra basin with faucet, for more personal use.

The rough-road features do not end here. The Kennis team have carefully selected fabrics for the interior which blend soft and pleasing colours with the BacTrax’s refreshing outdoor appeal on the exterior. Customers have a wide variety of cushion fabrics to choose from.

This is the ideal product for the routes of the Kalahari, Kgalagadi, Namibia and Waterberg, as well as for exploration in the back roads of the Karoo, and more!

General Features & Specifications

Crossover Touring Caravan (semi off-road) with heavy duty axle and 15” wheels

Increased ground clearance with body-protecting nudge bars for gravel and rough roads

A well-equipped outside kitchen

Hold-alls for cutlery and knick-knacks, accessible from outside

All-round dust proofing

More practical access to cabinets.

All cabinets have wooden doors with strengthened hinges, etc.

Interior Personal Washbasin

80L 12V Engel (optional 140L Waeco) fridge/freezer & built-in battery-charging system

Alternative large double-door 220v Fridge Freezer

Microwave oven

Various options for 12v and 220v outside connections and lighting

Exhaustive number of custom changes and add-ons possible, made to order

Durable interior finishes with colours that add a soft touch, yet blend with the outdoors.

Custom interiors optional (cushion covers and tie-backs etc.)

Travel Blanket and fitted leisure awning included

Full wall-set and tent extension available as option

Wide variety of optional custom-made canvas products, to order

Specifications to customer’s requirements (please enquire)

Heavy Duty Axle has a carrying capacity of 600 kg

Application can be made by owner to up-rate the payload allowable.

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