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Caravan Review: 2023 Mobi XL from Mobi Lodge


The Mobi XL is an all-inclusive caravan that provides the ultimate camping experience with its spacious interior, comfortable sleeping arrangements, and self-sufficient capabilities.

Just days after the Mobi Xl was launched, the CaravanSA team caught up with manufacturer Mobi Lodge to take an in-depth look at the Mobi XL.



The Mobi XL inherits many features from its well-known bigger brother, the flagship Mobi Lodge Continental: It is built with a fibreglass, steel-braced, mono hull construction, and a galvanized steel ladder frame chassis with a 4mm thick main frame.

The caravan is also fitted with a heavy-duty offroad suspension, 2.5-ton Buirquip brake axle, long leaf springs, German brake system, and a heavy-duty nose wheel chassis.

But unlike the Mobi Lodge Continental, the Mobi XL’s bedroom slides out to the back.

With the bedroom extended, the slide-out at the back reveals large exterior storage spaces on either side.

On the left side (passenger side) there are three compartments – one that is big enough for a fridge/freezer.

Moving from the slide-out towards the front, you find a Jerry can on the corner of the main caravan body. A wash-up station with basin and drying rack can be clipped on below the Jerry can.

Immediately to the left of this is the kitchen. A large hatch folds down to create a work area with a fixed two-burner gas stove.

All your cutlery and utensils are fitted in dedicated spaces on the wall panel, similar to the classic Mobi Lodge.

To the left of the kitchen is one of the entrances to the Mobi XL – the caravan has a door on either side.

Moving around the nosecone to the driver side of the Mobi XL you find the other entrance, directly opposite from the other door.

Both doors have canvas storage systems fitted, where you can place anything from shoes to toiletries.

To the left of the door this is a large window.

Further to the back is another Jerry can, below which is a small hatch that contains the outside shower. The Mobi XL has a gas and electrical geyser.

The slide-out on this side of the caravan also contains a large hatch behind which is a ton of shelving, intended as a clothes cupboard.



The Mobi XL has a “flip-up” roof (clamshell) that lifts at the nose of the caravan. This creates over a meter additional headspace inside (at the front where the dinette is).

On the passenger side is a large 180° Batwing awning that covers the entire kitchen area and all the way to the back even to where the slide-out is extended.

The driver side of the Mobi XL also has a 180° awning. Sidewalls can be fitted to the awning to create a big closed tent area.

Because the Mobi XL has doors on either side, you can access the tent without having to walk around the caravan, which will be especially convenient should it be raining!

The tent area also has the option to set up additional canvas walls to create a dedicated add-on bathroom.



Inside, the Mobi XL is relatively basic: the front (nose) is a lounge are with a removable table and two single seats.

Thank to the flip-up roof, there is more than enough headspace to stand upright inside the Mobi XL.

The back of the interior is filled with a wall-to-wall bed with high-grade double bed mattress. The bottom half of the bed folds up to the ceiling to create enough space for the bedroom to slide in.

On the passenger side wall there are four small storage spaces.

There is enough space under the bed for a cassette toilet (included).

2023 Mobi XL

Cost: R488 000 (incl VAT)


Length: 3 700mm
Width: 1 650mm
Height: 1 900mm
Weight: 760kg
GVM: 1 500kg
Chassis: 4mm galvanised
Suspension: 2 500kg Burquip
Body construction: Mono hull fibreglass & steel
Wheels & tyres: 265 X 70 X 16 all-terrain tyres & mags



  • Seater Lounge Area With Dining Table
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen With Backlit Lighting, Glass Top Stove
  • Full Add-on Bathroom 6m2
  • Hot Shower With Gas And Electrical Geyser
  • 15m 220v Power Cable
  • Flip Up Roof With Panoramic Views
  • 180° Batwing Awning
  • Mounted Shovel
  • 20m Hosepipe
  • Advanced 7 Phase AC-DC Charge System
  • 2x 20L Jerry Cans With Mounting Brackets
  • 214L Water Tank
  • 1500 Litres Lockable Slide Out Compartment
  • High Grade Double Bed Mattress
  • Duvet, Pillows & Linen Set
  • Mobi Lodge Stainless Steel Braai
  • Laundry Space
  • 2x Camping Chairs
  • 65L Fridge/Freezer
  • Heavy Duty Offroad Suspension
  • Led Lighting All Around
  • Porta Toilet
  • Washup Station

For more information, to schedule a demo, pricing, availability or any other enquiries, fill in the enquiry form below and a trusted member of Mobi Lodge will get back to you online!

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    Francois Huysamen

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