Camping must-haves

Compiled by Alexandra Dunsford-White


The NiteCore SRT7 is a top-of-the-range midsize tactical light. It features the newest CREE XML2 LED and kicks out a staggering 960 lumens! With an estimated beam distance of 308m and using a 2600mAh battery, it can operate at it’s brightest for a total of 105 minutes, and close to 200 hours at its dimmest. What makes this light truly special is the red, green and blue signaling LEDs incorporated in the reflector, and the smart selector ring technology that allows you to vary the brightness from a mere 1 lumen all the way to 960 lumens, or anywhere in between. If you’re willing to throw a couple of bucks around, this is one light to have.
R2395 or visit

There are many products on the market that filter drinking water but what many people don’t know is that filters remove unwanted sediments and tastes, but they do not kill germs! The Halo Pure is the only household water pitcher on the market today that affordably and effectively improves and disinfects water by purifying it. Developed by leading water scientists, the pitcher contains a cartridge fitted with hugely innovative, patented N-halamine beads that quickly kill off any germs. The pitcher itself is stylish, lightweight and easy-to-pour. It is ideal for outdoor activities such as camping and can also be used in the comfort of your own home.

The days of struggling with ice trays are over! With the Bobble ice tray you can make 14 bobble-shaped frozen ice inserts which are perfectly sized to fit into the Bobble Sport bottle, as well as into most other bottles too. Their unique shape allows the the ice to be removed with ease- just push up under the flexible soft forms and the ice pops out. The bobble ice tray is colourful, food grade, BPA-free and boasts a built-in reservoir to prevent spillage when re-filling. The Bobble ice tray is compacted, which is perfect for storage. Bobble Ice tray R59
Bobble Sport bottle R119
Wellness Warehouse, 021 4875420,

The revolutionary Kellerman gas flame stick is a clean charcoal fire-starter that lights a fire in an instant! The easy-to-use flame stick makes starting a charcoal fire (or any fire, for that matter) so effortless that you’ll be braaing every chance you get. Simply attach it to a gas bottle, insert it into the heaped charcoal or fireplace and watch the magic happen while you sit back and relax, without having made your hands dirty.
Campworld, 012 797 7300,

The LotusGrill is a compact and easy to use portable braai that is ideal for camping, on the beach, on boats or at picnics. The LotusGrill operates with a battery-operated fan which constantly supplies the charcoal with air, ensuring hot, ready-to-use coals within four to five minutes. It’s double-layered construction means it keeps heat in the inside of the bowl, ensuring it can be touched, moved or even carried around during use because the outer bowl never gets hot. The stylish and safe LotusGrill means that you can have the perfect braai experience without all the fuss and mess of dealing with gas bottles or bags of heavy charcoal.
Mobelli, 021 512 2662,

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